Senior Content Marketing Manager at Animalz

Animalz is a content marketing agency that strives to create the best content on the web. We help companies—particularly B2B SaaS businesses—grow by making great content that their audience loves.

Our focus is on written content that helps companies educate and inform their audiences (Executives, Managers, and other specialized professionals in their field) on strategies and tactics for being successful in their work. Product, design, marketing, sales, and engineering are the main topic areas we cover, mostly within the SaaS/tech field.


At Animalz, we have a dual mission: to raise the bar for quality content marketing and to develop thoughtful, curious, creative minds. We envision a world where the internet is dominated by content that’s informative, insightful and entertaining. And to achieve that, we’re not just hiring people who are talented, we’re helping shape talent into the best content marketers in the world.

When you join Animalz, you’re joining a development hub of 50+ content marketing managers, strategists, editors, and researches who are passionate about their work and dedicated to improving themselves. We offer various ways for our people to grow and accelerate their careers:

  • a career development framework for continuous growth
  • skill and vertical based resources for better learning
  • monthly 1:1s with your content strategist and bimonthly 1:1s with your editor
  • monthly lunch and learns
  • working alongside the best content people in the world

We believe that content is one of a handful of the most important skills you can have. Content transfers to other mediums in product and business and content marketers can become successful founders, managers, and executives.”
-Walter Chen, Animalz Founder & CEO.

Content Marketing Manager role at Animalz

This is a writing-focused role that also requires direct contact with customers. In addition to high-quality writing and analytical skills, successful candidates will be able to demonstrate strong customer management, and content marketing strategy and ideation. An ideal senior content manager at Animalz:

  • is deeply passionate about writing and has a strong writing ability
  • consistently executes on SEO best practices
  • is opinionated about content and can speak persuasively to their ideas on what makes good (and bad) content
  • understands the role storytelling plays in marketing and the business side of writing
  • is curious about technology and has developed strategies for quickly learning a customer’s (tech) product in order to write knowledgeably about it
  • creates, delivers and implements strategy, content calendars and reporting to customers using the appropriate analytical (and other) tools
  • is well-organized, independently motivated and loves working directly with customers


  • You are able to create, pitch and execute ideas and content based on an SEO-focused B2B content strategy
  • You can clearly explain why a piece of content needs to be written, providing all the necessary data and information to support your case
  • You can lead customer calls
  • You know how to do on-page SEO for any piece you write
  • You write clearly and concisely to communicate complex ideas in a simple and straightforward manner
  • You’ve worked directly with customers
  • You can show results in growing organic traffic and meeting the customer’s goals
  • You know how content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and social marketing function and have experience in combining them together to get results.
  • You can work at hours that regularly overlap with EST business hours (3 hours per day at least) and can schedule overlap with a few PST hours as needed (3-4 hours a month for customer calls).


This is a full-time (40 hours per week) remote job. Although we applaud and encourage pursuing your passion projects, we want to make it clear that this is not a freelance/part-time position you can do in tandem with other major professional endeavors. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company.

  • Compose, revise and deliver 2-3 well-researched and unique B2B blog posts per week (~1,500-2,00 words each)
  • Maintain the relationship with your customers and deliver content that surpasses their expectations
  • Create your customers’ content strategy, and research and pitch ideas that align with the intended results
  • Help the team learn from your expertise by mentoring less experienced writers, creating resources, and generally sharing your knowledge with the team


  • Work from anywhere you like
  • Health insurance for both US and international team members with 80% premium coverage and 100% of vision and dental
  • 25 paid days off per year
  • Unlimited sick and personal days
  • Parental leave (up to 12 weeks for primary caregivers and up to 6 weeks for secondary caregivers)
  • Monthly health and wellness stipend (for gym subscription or other physical activity)
  • Monthly team lunch stipend to enjoy a lunch with a friend or coworker