Savoury Breakfast Chickpeas and Greens Recipe

Yes. from chickpeas you can make more recipes, not only hummus. I love chickpeas because it is super filling food, cheap and tasty. What could be better? I am not a huge fan of sweet breakfast so this savoury breakfast idea is amazing for my daily mornings. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.




  1. Firstly, after soaking overnight, drain and rinse well. Then place in a zip lock freezer bag and place in freezer for use later.  The freezing helps improve the digestibility of the beans. A day later (or a week or month) remove the beans from the freezer and rinse in clear water.
  2. Cook in a large pan or pressure cooker.  Cover the beans with water an inch higher than beans along with the diced onion and bay leaves.  If using a pressure cooker, add salt before cooking and cook for 20 minutes.  Using a regular pan, cook for 2 hours or until desired tenderness is achieved and add salt near the end of cooking.
  3. When almost done, (or after pressure drops if pressure cooking), add parsley, vegetable bouillon, turmeric and dried minced onion. Cook uncovered for 10 minutes longer or until broth begins to thicken. Add greens and cover pot. Allow greens to wilt. Serve hot.

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Savoury Breakfast Chickpeas and Greens Recipe

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