I made you a great list of all the useful resources which will help you in your travel. Here you can find everything from booking cheap flights to finding internship, seasonal jobs or volunteer opportunities.

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My favorite flight app where it is so easy to find the cheapest tickets. When you choose a flight date you see the cheapest price that day. How over apps do not offer that?


I choose this because it has a huge variety of hotels, guesthouses, hostels and B&Bs. Basically, everything what you need. Also, it is easy to book, usually easier than on a hotel’s official website. The reviews usually are honest, because only people who actually stayed at that hotel can leave a review.


In Airbnb you can find accommodations from boat house to a house in a tree. You have a possibility to live in other people houses and you will feel cozier than at a hotel.

Sleeping in airports

Well… sometimes that happens. Your flight can be delayed or all the hotels are overbooked in the city. Sleeping in airports is an amazing website, because people share there in which airports it is allowed to sleep and which even have beds. Many tips about how to sleep and so many other ideas of how to travel better. If you have any issues with airports then you will definitely get the answer at that website.


Volunteer, Work abroad, Seasonal jobs

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

It is a website where you can find a job in a farm and receive free room and sometimes food. Maybe working in a farm doesn’t sound too good, but think about an opportunity working in France at the vineyards. Perfect! Right?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

I think you heard about Erasmus exchange and Erasmus Internship, but have you heard about this program? If you want to start your business, although you are too scared to start something on your own then it is a great opportunity for you. You just need to write a business  plan and then you can choose an internship in a company which will suit your business plan.

The Global Work & Travel

I believe this website is the most popular, here you can find almost everything like Au-pair job, working and traveling, teaching English, volunteer and so on.


Planning a trip


Check all the sightseeing spots in the country, places to eat, the best cafes and so on. A great app for ideas where to go, but if you want the best experience find some locals.

Lonely Planet 

A great website to search for some ideas from professional travelers

Affiliate marketing

Check my list of the best affiliate marketing programs which pays instantly for new bloggers.

What are your useful resources?