Pizza Pancakes Recipe

For this recipe, I should be thankful my friend’s mom. It’s so simple to make, but also tasty as well. It’s just pancakes and you add pizza toppings inside the batter. What’s here not to like, right? Also, perfect recipe for the kids, I can assure that they will love it, even the pickiest



1. Firstly, combine eggs, sugar, salt, oil, milk. Then, add in all-purpose flour and water and mix it with medium-speed mixer. The consistency has to be smooth.

2. Secondly, chop in small cubes cucumber, ham, leek and cheese. Next mix in all those ingredients in the batter.

batter of pizza pancakes

3. Thirdly, in a pan create small circles of batter. Finally, continue to cook pizza pancakes until you finish all the batter.

pizza pancakes recipe

4. That’s basically it. Just cook like regular pancakes. Just try it and you will fell in love with this recipe.

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pizza pancakes recipe #toyoupiter

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