Packing list

When I first started traveling I made so many mistakes packing. I wish somebody told me what to pack back then. I had a trip where I had to throw away so many items because my bag was way too heavy. I made a packing list which I personally use and I hope it will be helpful for you too.

Also, do not forget when you pack for your trip that you’ll be doing your laundry at least once a week and it is possible to wear things more than once while on the road. Sometimes it is better to bring less and buy a few things while traveling. For example, an umbrella is a cheap purchase, but if you pack an umbrella and it is not raining then it is a waste of space in your luggage.

Items which I recommend are my absolute favorites. If you are choosing a travelers lifestyle then you should invest in some good quality items and they will help you in many situations in your life.

If you are planning an outdoorsy trip then check my post about how to choose the best sleeping bag.


Passport (with visa) – I always have a passport cover in which I put all my tickets, checks, business cards and many more.

Copies of your documents – always have a hard copy of the most important documents and also online copy which will be in your Dropbox or Gmail. It will help if something bad happens like somebody steals your wallet.

Driver’s license – you never know when you will have an opportunity to rent a car and to go to some awesome hill, lake or something like that. Don’t stop yourself just because you forget your driving license at home.

Tickets – I know that having tickets online is easier, but sometimes your phone dies and what then?


Tank tops (about 3) – It doesn’t take too much space, usually looks quite nice and it gets you warmer if you dress it underneath.

T-shirts (about 2) – Do not bring too much, only a couple of T-shirts will be enough.

Dressy blouses – Sometimes fancy events happen on a road like theater or a friend’s birthday where you have to be a bit dressy.

Long sleeved shirt – even if you’ll go to a sunny location you’ll still want to put this in your luggage, because of mosquitoes or sun. Just make sure it is super lightweight.

Jacket – Pack a light jacket with yourself which will save your space.

Sweater – the best is more knit sweater because it is so warm and also saves your space.

Raincoat – Invest in a good raincoat, because it is a lifesaver in many situations. Way better than an umbrella.

Shorts – Make sure that those shorts are not too short and it is appropriate in countries where you are traveling. Also, if you are going to stay in hostels then you can sleep in it.

Leggings – It is just so comfortable and always be prepared for unexpected hikes.

Jeans – It is for go outs or if you are cold in dresses.

Dress – it is the easiest way to look nice, fancy or girly. You just need to put one piece of clothing – a dress. Just make sure to take a dress from a material that doesn’t crumble. A dress is a huge lifesaver in unexpected events.

Underwear – take about 5-7 underwear, because do not forget that you’ll do your laundry. Also, choose less sexy underwear and make sure it is super comfy.

Bras – I personally choose sports bras or neutral colors.

Socks – If you are planning hiking then take some nice socks.

Bathing suit – Even if you go to a ski location, take a bathing suit, because maybe you will find somewhere a hot tub.

Warm hat – I personally proffer a hat for running, because it is warm and save space.

Flip-flops or sandals – Sometimes hostel’s showers are gross so please do not forget flip-flops. Sandals will suit great with your dress.

Running shoes – Some nice sneakers are great for a tour in a city and for great hikes. I choose black, grey, white or brown sneakers so it would look classy with the dress also.


Menstrual cup – it is a great alternative when it is your days and you are traveling because pads and tampons can take so much space and menstrual cup is so small. Also, the menstrual cup you need to clean every 12h, so you can just forget about having your days.

Face wash or wipes – Wash your face properly even when you travel. If you do not have access to water then use wipes to clean all the makeup and dirt after day.

Makeup – some liquid foundation, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and you will be ready for the party.

Lip balm – Take natural lip balm which you could use not only for your lips but also for your dry skin.

Moisturizer – Do not forget a great and natural moisturizer for your face and whole body. I prefer natural smell, because sometimes on a trip every smell can annoy you.

Face mask – I just love face masks! They are so refreshing while you are on a plane or on a bus. Well… I usually pack one face mask and if I need more on a trip I buy it later.

Sunscreen – You should always protect your skin! You can find small bottles of sunscreen which are not expensive and convenient for packing.

Brush – I have a small brush which also has a mirror, I do not invest in it too much.

Towel – The best is a sports towel which is quick dry and also smaller than a regular one.

Shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash – I pour it in portable silicone travel bottles. I am not too picky, usually, I buy 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner and also use it on my body.

Toothbrush and toothpaste – Do not forget your dental care while traveling.

Razor – Venus has amazing on-the-go razor which is so small, oh I just love it, you have to try it. Well… if you are hiking in the woods then you can skip these items, because who cares if you have more hair than usual.

Tweezers – It is a great tool which you can use not only for your eyebrows like to take out a tick or to repair something.

Deodorant – you can find so cute and small deodorant packages for traveling.

Nail clipper – it does not take space and sometimes it can be so useful.


Sunglasses – Do not spend too much on sunglasses, I guess it is the first thing which is left somewhere or breaks.

Scarf – I usually take the biggest scarf possible, because sometimes I use it as a blanket or as a pillow.

Watch – In normal life, you probably use your phone to check the time, but better use a cheap watch and show less your phone to the public.

Cross-body purse – Buy a purse which you could always feel on your body.

Earplugs – Huge real helpers if you stay at hostels or if you want to sleep at airplanes or buses. I actually take at least 5 pairs of earplugs because I snore super loud so I give it to poor people who have to sleep with me in the same room.


Phone and a charger – Of course do not forget your phone and all the possible chargers.

External battery – Cellphones tend to die on the worst timing, it is not safe being without connections so be safe and buy a battery charger.

Camera – Take a small camera for your best photos.

Tripod – if you travel solo when I can’t imagine your life without a tripod. I made so many great photos with it.

Memory card – I think the worst thing is when you want to make a photo shoot and there is no space in your camera.

Kindle – You can put hundreds of books in your Kindle so you do not need to choose which one book you should take to your trip. Also, the battery lasts like forever!

Bluetooth speaker – Do I need to tell about this one? If you need to make a party, then just hit your music.

Laptop – If you are as me and work remotely, then do not forget your computer.

Adapter – This is one of the most useful things and so many people forget about it.

Headphones – it is great when you want to listen to music or to avoid people when you are too tired.

Other items

Mesh bag – a great way to organize all of your clothes.

Reusable water bottle – always have a bottle of water and drink a lot of water during your trip. It is important to be hydrated.

Medicine/vitamins – Do not forget to take some remedies, because headaches happen on a trip.

Insect repellent – If plan your trip in nature then do not forget those little, annoying creatures.

Luggage tags – If your luggage gets lost, at least you will have tags which will help you to get it back faster.