Meet Jungle Culture

Who are we? People behind Jungle Culture

We met whilst traveling in Mexico a few years ago. We both left our jobs in the UK to look for something more exciting and challenging. After a year of working in e-commerce, we decided to try to make a positive change and that is how we formed our business.
We are both full time “Digital Nomads”, but we have been based in Vietnam for the past 14 months. In March we will both finally be able to come back to the UK, which we are very excited about, but after a few months at home, we will leave again and continue searching for more products and projects to get involved in.
So, we both really like travel and experiencing new cultures. We are both very hard-working and focused on our jobs, which doesn’t leave us much free time for hobbies. But I play chess, read, run and study languages in most of the countries I visit and Chris is a photographer, he reads and spends his spare time learning other digital skills.


Tell us the most important facts about your brand!

We currently make a range of eco-friendly and natural products. Bamboo and stainless steel straws, bamboo cutlery, coconut bowls, and bamboo razors.

We started Jungle Straws and Jungle Culture in August 2018 in the UK but quickly moved out to Vietnam to work directly with our suppliers and create a transparent supply chain. Today, we are still based in Vietnam, in a smallish town called Hoi An. Later this year, we will be relocating back to the UK to provide sustainable straw alternatives after the straw ban.

We see Jungle Straws and Jungle Culture as an honest, adventurous and exciting company!

  • Honest
  • Adventurous 
  • Exciting

Where do your products come from?

All our products are made in either Vietnam or Southern China. Every product is made at a small, family-run farm. The bamboo products, for example, are made in Thanh Hoa, a province in Vietnam where bamboo grows in abundance. 

Our coconut products are made in the South of Vietnam in a region called Ben Tre which is famous for coconuts. 

And our stainless steel products are made in the South of China by a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel.

Our most important attribute…

Being unique and creative ☺ We don’t just want to do things in exactly the same way as other companies, which is why we moved to Vietnam.

We think that finding out the story behind a product, and meeting the people behind it who make it is what makes us so special as a company. an important part of running a business. That’s why we personally visit all of our suppliers so that we can be sure their workers are treated fairly, they create their products ethically and they make everything to a high standard of quality.

What is your highest goal as a company?

We want to change the way Western e-commerce businesses manufacture products. We want to be a role model for how you as a company can transition from trading with huge factories to working with smaller, more ethical suppliers.