Kitchen Gadgets for Cooks or Kitchen Geeks + Gift Ideas


Those gadgets are super useful in everybody’s kitchen nowadays and especially if you’re in love with cooking or maybe you have a friend for whom those gadgets would be a perfect gift. I hope you will enjoy my list and it will be useful for you.

Ferrari pizza oven

This oven is perfect if you want that perfect crust and to make true Italian pizza at home which is totally possible with this oven.

ferrari pizza oven
pizza oven

Coffee spice pen

Do you want to make a lovely heart on a coffee for your loved one or do you want to master the painting on the coffee art? This tool is incredible, just open your imagination and prepare to surprise your friends.

coffee painting pen
Latte art pen

Angry mama microwave cleaner

This is a hilarious gadget, this is maybe more a gift type gadget, but it would be a cute new apartment gift to your friend or a nice Christmas gift for your aunt. How it works? Just add to “Angry mama” baking soda or vinegar and add it to your microwave orfridge, the baking soda would absorb the smell and vinegar will help you to clean it, no need for any unnecessary chemicals.

angry mama cleaner
microwave cleaner

Deep fry basket

It’s perfect for frying or boiling water, I better love a healthier usage of this product, you can easily steam some fresh veggies with it. Also, it works as a colander as well and plus it doesn’t take too much space in your kitchen.

deep fry basket
deep fry basket

Scraper, cuter for pastry and cakes

If you love an Italian cuisine and making pasta or you have sweet tooth and love to make cakes then this scraper would be so useful. I just recently tried making pasta with it and oh boy… it makes my life easier, I can truly scrap all the dough from the board and my work is way less messy. Also, it looks a bit fancier when you know how to properly use it.

pizza dough scrapper
Cutter for pastry

Portable espresso machine

If you can’t live without coffee and you have those Morning coffee cravings then try this portable espresso machine which grind the coffee beans of your choice. Super convenient for camping, traveling or just visiting places with shitty coffee options.

portablr coffee maschine
portable coffee mashine


Herb scissors

Yes, I have to confess I am truly lazy with herbs and other greens, I hate cutting them, especially dill or calendar. This herb scissors seems like such a time saver and way more fun than just cutting it with knife.

herb scissors
Herb scissors


Heat bag sealer

If you are one of those people who manage to eat only half of the package of snacks then I think you are a mythical creature and also you need this sealer. If you have any open package it can help you to keep your products fresher and to reduce some plastic as well.

heat sealer
snack bag sealers

Stainless steel drinking straws

Let’s use less plastic together by reducing the usage of plastic by eliminating it from our life when it’s really not necessary. Although, sometimes it’s tastier to drink something from straw, but let’s just use durable ones.

stainless steel straws
eco friendly straws

Cell phone stand

If you love to watch TV shows or just cooking shows while cooking then this cell phone stand will be used daily I can guarantee that. It’s metal and super durable and it’s not sliding around when you put your phone.

cell phone stand
cell phone stand

Dishwasher magnet “clean – dirty”

This small magnet can solve sooooo many arguments, have you ever bin in this situation when you managed to put dirty dishes with just washed dishes. Well or maybe it’s just me, but it looks like this magnet when used can be pretty good thing in the kitchen.

dishwasher magnets
Dirty – clean dishwasher magnet