Italian Gelato recipe

Bring a small portion of Italy to your kitchen and make some true, authentic, Italian gelato for your friends or family.

My main advice, take your time with this recipe and don’t rush. Also, you will have to stir a lot.



  1. Warm the milk, add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and two teaspoons of sugar and the milk powder. Make sure to stir it well. Then lower the heat and leave it to infuse.
  2. Add to bowl egg yolks, sugar and the rest of vanilla extract. Stir the mixture for about 10 min until the texture becomes fluffy and increased in volume.
  3. Gently reheat the milk, but not too much, it has to be warm and not boiling. Slowly pour the milk over the beaten eggs. Just don’t rush it.
  4. Put the mixture again on the low heat and continuously stir it. Cook slowly until the mixture has thickened enough that it could cover the back of a metal spoon.
  5. Pour the mixture into the chilled down the bowl and stir it, when it gets cold enough then put it in the freezer.
  6. After about 30 min take it out and beat the mixture with a hand whisk, fork or hand mixer to break it to a smooth consistency. Do it a several times, freeze for 30 min and then break the mixture again. When consistency is suitable for you then put your gelato to a plastic box with lid. Take gelato from the fridge 10 minutes before serving. It would be easier to form those perfect gelato bubbles if you put it in the containers with the ice cream scooper, check it on Amazon:

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Buon appetite! Enjoy this tasty dessert

Traditional Italian Gelato recipe for everybody to try making at home #toyoupiter

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