Green Ravioli with Ricotta Filling

While travelling in Italy you will definitely see on the menu ravioli with ricotta filling on almost every menu. Do you know why? Because it’s freaking amazingly delicious. But you know you don’t need to travel to Italy just for a great ravioli dish, you can make it at home with some effort. I don’t recommend to eat frozen ravioli, because it’s not the same as homemade. Take a look at this recipe:






  • Firstly, in a food processor, mix the spinach and an egg. Mix until it forms a loose paste.
  • Secondly, add the flour, salt and semolina. Work the paste until it forms a slightly wet dough. Then, cover and let it rest at room temperature for about an hour.
  • Next, in a bowl, combine the mozzarella, ricotta, fontina, Parmesan, egg, garlic, mushrooms, pepper and salt. Combine well.
  • Later, on a lightly floured counter, roll the dough to a ⅛ -inch (25 mm) thickness. Then, cut 2 sheets of dough (for bottom and top) to fit the size of your ravioli mold. Put 1 sheet on top of the mold and put a dab of the ricotta mix into each section. Next, cover with a top sheet of dough. Roll the rolling pin over the top to cut the dough into perfect squares.
  • Bring a pot (large) of salted water to boil and add the green ravioli and cook for around 6 minutes or just until the ravioli float to the top and are tender.

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