Gifts for Wine Lovers

Not everybody loves wine, but those who does they understand that wine is not just a drink, it’s a hobby, a lifestyle and a science. If you have a wine lover in your friends circle then you have to save this list.  if you love wine then treat yourself with those gifts…you deserve it!

Gifts for wine lovers who they definitely use

Push-button Corkscrew

Gift ideas for wine lover

If your friend loves to do sommelier or wine tasting evening then this gift will be definitely used so much.

Wine Chiller – 3-in-1 

=  wine chiller

This thing is a bad boy, it’s stainless steel sine bottle cooler stick, freezer with aerator and pourer decanter. Sounds crazy, but it’s useful for a wine lover.

Beverage bottle stopper

wine stopper gift

Okay so not all the time you can drink the whole bottle in one day and if it’s a nice.

Wine saver vacuum

vacuum saver gift

This wine saver vacuum is even better than a bottle stopper if you want to keep your wine super fresh, some people just like to use stoppers, some like to use vacuum savers.

Microfiber polishing cloth

If you have to polish a lot of wine glasses you will see how amazing this cloth is, it’s a life saver for those who love wine parties.

Wine cooler

Wine cooler is the must if your friend want to start aging good quality wine, if you buy this cooler and a wine which your friend could age for at least a year the trust me it will be the best gift.

Set of wine glasses

wine glasses a gift

Why those glasses are special? It is a set of glasses for red wine, white wine and champagne, because the glass has a huge impact for wine tasting.

Bamboo cheese board with cutlery set

bamboo board, wine gifts

This set is so great for wine party, every tool has its place and food pairing with wine gets more enjoyable when you have proper tools for that as well.

Wine wars

wine wars game

A super nice trivia game for wine geeks and wannabes, a good way to check your knowledge about wine.

Wine bottle holder

wine bottle holder gift

A funny wine bottle holder a great souvenir and a nice kitchen interior detail.


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gifts for wine lovers