Gifts for Stylish Traveler

We all have that one friend who wants to be flawless in any situation, no matter that she just spent 12 hours on the plane. She just want to be fresh and ready for making Instagram stories at any moment. These friends are the pickiest one, but luckily I already have experience with buying gift for travelers so let me help you with that. I made a list of stylish travel gifts for your friend. Enjoy!

Gifts for Stylish Traveler

1. Facial mist

Every traveler has to concern about hydrating from the inside and from the outside. Facial mist are a life saver after a long flight, it so nice to hydrate your face with facial mist. Also, they are small, super affordable and super extra convenient. I’m a huge fan of Lumene facial mist with vitamin C and arctic cloudberry extract.  It makes your face bright and super fresh. For a pickier traveler I recommend mist from Mario Badescu, they have a facial spray collection. Let her choose what she likes the most facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea, rose-infused face mist or aloe, chamomile and lavender face spray.

Face mist - travel gift2. Hat

A stylish hat is not only very useful gift, but also this accessory can diversify your friend’s wardrobe, which is important for travelers. A small tricks which makes you look different with the same clothes is a good gift. If your friends love hiking, running or any activity outside then I recommend this hat, if your friend is more beach type then I recommend this pretty summer hat, if your friend is a city lover then choose this pretty hat.

travel hat gift

3. Camera bag

Camera bags shouldn’t be only plain, black type, there are such a big variety of cute and stylish camera bags. You can find a special bag for even the most pickiest friend.

Camera bag gift

4. Portable battery

It can be a life saver for your friend, checking tourism information, adding photos on Instagram, making photos, using Google map can really drain phone’s battery. So full charged portable battery is an amazing gift.

Portable battery gift

5. Clear bags

Compartmentalizing the whole life in bags it’s not so easy, if you need to take some small thing from your huge bag and you need to destroy all your order then it can be a bit annoying.  What can you do? Clear bags! 

clear bag gift

6. Huge scarf

Scarf purpose: a pillow, a blanket, a scarf for cold weather, a stylish accessory. I love scarfs which doubles as a blankets for when you are on a plain, train or in hotel. This thing was  a lifesaver for me many times.

blanket scarf gift

7. Document organizer

A stylish traveler will never be unorganized so that’s why you need to give a gift of organization. Document organizing wallet can spaces for passport, drivers license, credit cards, boarding pass, pen, keys and many more. You really can get wrong with this gift.

Document organizer gift

8. Cosmetic bag

Unorganization can happen really fast and even lead to a nasty mess if you do not use cosmetic bag. This cosmetic bag is washable, waterproof and in it you can fit all your the most important toiletries.

cosmetic bag gift

9. Wireless headphones

Cmon! Isn’t those looks cute?  Everybody needs headphones for traveling why not to have it super cute and the part of the accessory.

Wireless headphones gift

10. Crossbody bag

A good quality and stylish bag is a nice gift always, I usually just choose minimalistic and neutral colors, because it works for any style.

Crossbody bag gift

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