French Toast Recipe

This recipe is super easy to make and it would be a nice treat for a late Sunday morning, especially if you bring this to your loved one to bed. It sounds perfect just imagining it. Also, the best would be if you make French toast with challah bread, but if you don’t have it then it any other white bread would be perfect. I know that some people love to finish bread leftovers making this French toast recipe. So let’s begin.

How to make French Toast?


challah bread

The orange bourbon butter:


  1. Cut the bread into thick slices (about 2.5cm ) and let it sit out for a while to dry.
  2. Heat the griddle to 180 °C (356 °F) or you can cook it on a pan. Lightly brush with a piece of paper towel which is soaked in butter.
  3. Dip the slices of challah bread into the egg mixture, soak both sides. Put each piece to the griddle and cook until it’s on both sides golden brown, around 3 min each side. Serve it with orange bourbon butter.

Orange bourbon butter preparation: 

  1. In the mixer add butter, bourbon, orange liqueur, and orange zest.
  2. Leave it at room temperature until ready to serve.

Enjoy this delicious dish!

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