Cireng Recipe

Easy, crispy outside and perfectly soft inside CIRENG! Indonesian street food, not really nutritional, but so tasty.

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  1. Put all dry ingredients into a bowl and stir it well.
  2. For the starter, pour water into a saucepan. Put the Tapioca into the pan and stir it until it is spread evenly.
  3. After the liquid is mixed well, put it on the stove on a small heat. Stir it until it thickens and turns into a consistency which looks like glue. Then immediately put the starter into the dry ingredients bowl.
  4. Knead and pinch the starter and dry ingredients together until it sticks well in the starter.
  5. Be careful because the starter is so hot and you need to be careful when you mix it.
  6. After you create a beautiful dough, shape it into circles.
  7. Put oil into a deep fry pan on medium heat.
  8. Fry the dough until the outside looks white and crispy.
  9. You are ready to enjoy your perfect Cireng. Now mix all the ingredients of the sauce in a small bowl and enjoy!

Selamat mencoba!

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