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Bored Panda is a leading art and pop culture magazine founded in 2009 by Tomas Banisauskas. We are trying to take over the world one article at a time from our headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. Every month, is viewed nearly 100 million times. We’re self-funded, we’re growing fast, and we love what we do about as much as we love bamboo.

In October 2017, Bored Panda was named the #2 most engaged publisher on Facebook by Newswhip, beating media titans like The New York Times, CNN, Dailymail, and Huffington Post.

Our mission is to spread good news and highlight top artists from around the world. We also provide a submission platform that lets artists and creators share their own stories. Every day, we receive over 100 user submissions and our biggest pleasure is watching them become new Internet sensations.

Recently, we have also launched a number of YouTube channels including our highly successful Crafty Panda that now has over 10 million subscribers. Other channels include Hungry Panda and Dear Diary. Overall, they get viewed over 250 M times per month.

“Wired” contributor Evan Griffith described Bored Panda as “…a throwback to when the Internet was less an addictive, stress-inducing reflection of the ugliness of modern life and more a place to kill time when we were bored.”

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