Affiliate Marketing Programs Which Pay You Instantly

Today I will share with you affiliate marketing programs which I personally tried and I earn some extra money instantly from them. You do not need to have thousands of page views to start earning from affiliate marketing. I hope you will enjoy my list. For me, the best thing was when I saw the actual money in my bank account from affiliate marketing programs and then I realized that it is worth what I am doing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Shortly, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the company’s or other people’s products or services. When you write a review with affiliate links or place banners on a website you can earn a piece of the profit for each sale that the company makes.

Affiliate marketing programs


It’s probably the first Affiliate program which bloggers start to use because of 1. It’s easy to use 2. you can choose to promote millions of products 3. Most of the people have Amazon accounts. The downfall of Amazon affiliate is that their cookie lasts only for 24 hours when other programs offer at least 30 days lasting cookies. Although, a great thing is that if a person clicks on your affiliate link and goes to Amazon and buys ten other items which you didn’t even promote you still get a commission. You can start writing a blog post with Amazon like this: Kitchen Gadgets for people who love to cook

Affiliate marketing: Amazon


Grammarly pays you 25$ just to put a link to your blog or to write a blog post about them. Also, they give you a Premium version of Grammarly so you could try it and have your own personal opinion. I highly recommend to try it for free first and then try this affiliate program. For me, it was a lifesaver. Requirements for Blog Entry:

  • It has to be honest and reflect your own views;
  • Content must represent Grammarly in a professional and relevant manner;
  • Proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling should be used.
Affiliate marketing: grammarly


Commission rate is 15% for new customers with a 120-day cookie, that’s a long-lasting cookie! For example, Amazon offers 24 hours of lasting cookies. Also, you get 10$ extra when you referrer a blogger to their affiliate program so Join the Blurb affiliate program today! and start learning instantly.

Affiliate marketing: blurb

Go Airport Shuttle

It paid me 50$ also just for adding a link to my website’s related content. After I added it I had to send a print screen and a link to my website where I put their affiliate link and that’s it. I already had a lot of content where to add this link so it took me like 5 minutes to earn that 50$ bonus.

Affiliate marketing: go airport shuttle


Mailerlite is an excellent affiliate program and I use personally their program every week. I like their affiliate program because the product is great and easy to sell. Also, the way they treat people with whom they work is over the top. You get 30% from every sale new users who come from your website pay to Mailerlite. So what it basically means that a user who signs up for a free version after a while they have to pay for a premium version of Mailerlite to get more subscribers and to send more newsletters. They have to pay for premium versions monthly so you get from the same user a monthly payment. Isn’t it great?!