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Why “to Youpiter”?

“to” – the destination is my engine, I always say that I will go to… somewhere, someplace, it shows my eagerness to move.

“Youpiter” a planet similar to “the Little Prince” planet, but without a needy rose. That planet is filled with your hobbies, people you love, work that you enjoy doing, things that bring you joy. You can say it is a magical place where everybody wants to be, but only a small group of people take a risk to reach it.

To Youpiter brand is my own joy and a purpose of creation. I believe that creating quality content can help others, encourage others to develop. If I will manage to fulfill at least one person’s life then I will feel that I accomplished something.

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Contact me via email: toyoupiter@gmail.com

My photography: https://www.eyeem.com/u/kamilernauskyt/market

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