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Hello, Dreamers and Planners,

My name is Kamile and I love to do what I love that’s why I constantly travel and learn to work smarter. As everybody who chooses this type of lifestyle, I quit my job where I felt that work doesn’t fulfill my needs to create and I stopped disappointing myself. I believe that everybody or at least I need to create something to feel like living. That’s why I packed my bag where is no space for fear, anger, and doubts. An only one-way ticket to another adventurous trip.

I always worked as a marketing, communication or events manager. What I learned from my experience and mistakes that I can work only with brands in which I truly believe. Advertisement sucks most of the time, but if an amazing product has no advertisement then nobody will know that this amazing product is here. This is why I decided to dedicate my time for brands who give great value for a customer and create something better for the next day. In my blog, I will share my thoughts about digital marketing, inspiration, travel and creating value to others.

I believe that I am this type of person who is always on the go. I feel that traveling is my air and I couldn’t breathe without it. I didn’t visit many countries, but I am still counting and I believe in my near future there would be more journeys. Every time I go to a new place, I feel that “Oh man, I have to tell somebody about that place”, but the time passes and I kept all the information for myself. It has to change.

Why “to Youpiter”?

“to” – the destination is my engine, I always say that I will go to… somewhere, someplace, it shows my eager to move.

“Youpiter” a planet similar to the little prince planet, but without a needy rose. That planet is filled with your hobbies, people you love, work which you enjoy doing, things which bring you joy. You can say it is a magical place where everybody wants to be, but only a small group of people take a risk to reach it.

To Youpiter brand is my own joy and a purpose of creation. I believe that creating quality content can help others, encourage others to develop. If I will manage to fulfill at least one person’s life then I will feel that I accomplished something.

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Contact me via email: toyoupiter@gmail.com

My photography: https://www.eyeem.com/u/kamilernauskyt/market

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