Bucket List Places for Summer 2020

Summer is around the corner. For those that take advantage of the weather and time off, that means travel! In a world full of fascinating destinations, all yours to explore, why pick just one? Try following the latest travel trend: brief stops in different places to sample a bit of everything, from bustling megacities to wide-open spaces, and architectural wonders you can explore.

Travel far, go exotic, start with Africa then…


Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves offer a rich panorama of African wildlife, especially during the Great Migration that follows the rainy season. From the famous Serengeti plains in the north to the enormous Selous Game Reserve in the south, a glorious array of wild-life poses for your camera. Energetic visitors can have a go at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, while the white beaches of Zanzibar offer perfect to relax.


Porto, famous for its heady wine, offers great hospitality, lovely weather, and interesting architecture. Further south, the equally beautiful and historic city of Lisbon is a must-visit. For beach-lovers, the Portuguese Riviera, near Lisbon, offers history and sunshine in the lovely seaside towns of Estoril, Cascais, and Sintra, and the popular Algarve coast is famous for its holiday resorts.

Bucket List Places for Summer
Bucket List Places for Summer


The gateway to Southeast Asia, this city-state is a place not to miss, impressive from the moment your plane touches down. You disembark into the Jewel, a 130-foot-tall indoor waterfall also called the Rain Vortex in the airport. Singapore itself is all business, dynamic and avant-garde, glass and steel, but it is tropical with lush vegetation. A city of contrasts, its colonial history is still evident and its temples reflect its oriental core.

Stockholm, Sweden

The city of Stockholm sits right on Lake Malaren where it meets the Baltic Sea. Fourteen pretty islands make up the Stockholm Archipelago, and boat tours are popular. The grand Royal Palace, the historic buildings of the picturesque Old Town center and the many museums invite you to delve into Scandinavian history. Take the opportunity to rediscover Pippi Longstocking or Abba, or visit the huge Skansen Open-air Museum.


Wide, sweeping views, vast plains, and majestic mountains: this is Patagonia, wild and remote, waiting to be explored. Confront the rugged Andes, paddle on glacial lakes, track a high-flying condor, observe sea lions and whales off-shore, even ski: this is all part of the Patagonia experience. In December 2020, sky-gazers will assemble here to watch the total eclipse of the sun.

Cape Town

The mild climate and exotic presentation make Cape Town perfect for visiting all year round. Against a spectacular backdrop, the towering Table Mountain, it is a modern, vibrant city with multiple attractions to offer visitors, including colorful markets and high-wave beaches, popular with surfers. Just outside the city is the famous wine-growing region that produces excellent South African wines.

While planning your summer 2020 itinerary, you would be well advised to check visa requirements for each country (information available online) and double-check you have all you need before leaving. Bon voyage!

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