How to Travel Because of the Coronavirus?

I want to emphasize from the beginning that I am not a doctor and not even from the medical field. Although, I am traveling full time and this year I chose to travel around Asia and so many people asked me “Are you not afraid of Coronavirus?”. My mom asked me to come home earlier and I had to calm down my grandma that everything is fine. The level of stress about the Coronavirus is just over the top. I believe we should blame media for caring more about click bates and not correctly informing people what to do. Also, I am writing about this not because of the traffic to my website, but I am a bit tired of answering everybody’s messages and I want to give a controversial opinion about this situation.

Am I scared of Coronavirus?

I am not afraid of Coronavirus while traveling because:

  • We have Coronavirus cases almost in every country, so why I shouldn’t travel?
  • Also, so many people are recovering and the death rate is not high and it is dangerous only to those who have chronic diseases, etc.
  • In every airport, the security is checking everybody’s temperature if they do not have a fever. However, it is not a 100% safe check, because the incubation period for the virus could be over 4-14 days or a bit more. So you have to take care of yourself and keep checking your health status.

What I hate about this virus?

I have to keep a bigger distance from people. For example, now I am in Thailand, Bangkok and two cute, young girls ran to me when they saw me. They immediately took my hand and just played with my dress, I would love to play hours and hours with them. Although, those girls are the whole day outside, in the streets, kissing dogs and tasting things which they find. I spend a couple of minutes with them and then I went to wash my hands because I don’t know if they have a virus or not.

What should you keep in mind while traveling?

Avoid crowds

Try to avoid mass events and crowds while traveling. Keep your distance from people, especially if they look sick or they are sneezing and coughing. In some countries in Asia, for example, Indonesia, people are not covering their mouths while sneezing or coughing. So you have to be conscious.

Boost your immune system

Not everybody becomes ill even when somebody in the room has the Coronavirus. That’s why you should boost your immune system and take care of yourself. Try to eat healthier, more natural food and less processed foods. Now I try to consume more products that help to boost my health like garlic, onion, fruits, ginger, turmeric, vitamin C, etc. Also, sleep at least 8 hours at night and take care of yourself.

Wash your hands

All the trusted sources say that the best prevention from Coronavirus is washing your hands with soap often. Especially, before eating, after sneezing, after touching some surfaces. I wash my hands almost every hour or two if I am in public places. Also, I bring my travel soap case almost everywhere if public toilets do not have any soap. You can use hand sanitizer which contains 60% of alcohol if you do not have soap, but soap is better for you.

Avoid touching

Try to avoid touching handles, especially when you leave the restroom after washing your hands because another person maybe didn’t wash her/his hands. Avoid touching ATM buttons, counters, staircase handrails. In general, surfaces which many people touch. Also, avoid touching your face: mouth, eyes, nose, ears.

Read only trusted sources

As I mentioned before the media is creating an unrealistic fear that’s why you should read only trusted sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Always check if they have any updates about the virus.

Should you wear a mask?

Most of the trusted sources say that masks do not prevent from getting Coronavirus, but I am wearing a mask in public places. The main reason is that you could have a virus, but you do not have a fever yet or other symptoms. If I am infected then I will not spread it. Also, as I mentioned before in some countries people are sneezing without covering their mouths so I just don’t want to get other diseases. Face masks could help against air droplets which are bigger than 1 micron, however, coronavirus is at the size of about 0,3 microns, so to protect yourself you need an N95 FFR respirator. And be careful with buying those things, because there are many scams nowadays who propose false information about their face masks, etc.

The best advice I could give you is not to be controlled by fear. Be conscious that the virus is happening, but don’t let it control you. During your trip, you’ll see that most tourist places are empty and you will get many discounts. So your trip will be even better. 

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