What to Wear in Miami

Miami is one of the most colorful cities in the world thanks to its bright Latin infused culture, sunny weather, and beautiful white-sand beaches. The culture is very vibrant, free and open to anything and everything! Of course, you wouldn’t want to arrive looking like a complete tourist, right? We gathered some tips and tricks of what to wear in Miami so you will fit in with the locals, plus where or when else could you wear these types of things?!

Animal print  

We are no stranger to animal print fashion in recent years, but in Miami, you can expect to see even more wild prints. We are going to see cow print, zebra stripes, and more croc-effect materials that can really add a unique spin to any piece. For example, in fashion stores like Luisaviaroma, designers like Dsquared2 have many animal print pieces available that will really make a statement so you can arrive in style! You can pair your favorite animal print pants with a white t-shirt, or if you are extra daring, just your swimsuit top! RAWR your way around Miami with a print that’ll blend in with the fashion scene. 

Ultra-flare pants

The skinny leg pant has been around for some time, and we have officially made our way back to ultra-flare pants. Miami was the place to be during the ’70s and still is. You can often see men and women wearing flare pants Miami Vice style, with a crop top or tank. I don’t particularly recommend these for a day at the beach, as sand could get in them and cause you some trouble!

Leather Looks

Leather is something different that you can play with thanks to the nature of this fun and edgy material. In Miami, you will be the hottest man or woman around if you pull up to the bars or clubs in a leather skirt or leather jacket! You can find celebrates such as Jennifer Lopez to Beyoncé, have all worn leather outfits to clubs in Miami. Even just for dinner, you can wear a leather mini skirt or pants with a lightweight top and still be sea-breeze cool. 

The All-Important Swimsuit

In Miami, anything goes. You can wear the tiniest swimsuit in the world and nobody will say anything. The culture is very celebratory of bodies, femininity, and masculinity. We recommend you pack a couple of swimsuits for Miami, but make sure they are swimsuits you are comfortable in! Now, a lot of sexy cut one-piece swimsuits are very in, or you could go for a thong-style bikini (when in Miami), and if those are a bit out of your comfort zone then just a normal coverage swimsuit works perfectly too! 

A Go-To Dress

You should have a good black or white dress that can go from day-time chill to evening beauty. Sometimes in Miami you can spend the day at the beach then want to go directly to dinner, well just take a versatile dress in your bag and then you are done! 

Miami is one of the most colorful and diverse cities in the world. The fashion there reflects the individuality of the city and the multi-cultural melting pot that is this enchanting American city. 

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