Mount Batur Sunrise Hike – What to Expect?

Finally, I did my proper hike in Indonesia. I’ve been in Bali for 3 months now and only now I did a hike. Shame, that I couldn’t find time for that earlier. Mount Batur is one of the most popular hikes in Bali. If you don’t believe me you can ask your driver next time they will tell you the same thing. Why it’s so popular? It’s short (only 2-3 hours), anybody can do this and a view is just astonishing. This was not my hardest hike, but definitely not the easiest either. This hike is worth having if you want to have a memorable holiday in Bali.  I wrote all my experience of hiking to Mountain Batur, if you still have questions, then write it in the comment section.

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Our hike to Mount Batur

1:00 We were already waiting for a driver to pick us from our hotel because they promised he will be there between 1:00 – 1:30. We lived in the Canggu area.

2:00 The driver actually showed up and he drove us to have breakfast near to Mount Batur.

3:10 We arrived at the breakfast place where we had a pancake with banana and coffee or tea (choose tea, coffee doesn’t taste good). Also, go to the toilet there because there’s no toilets during the hike and at the beginning of the trekk you have to pay 5k for the toilet, but it smells like crazy.

3:25 We drove to the trekking start. We met our guide, he made an introduction, gave us flashlights and we started our hike. At the beginning we were walking on an actual road, but then our guide asked us if we wanted to take a shortcut. The difference between shortcut and the longer path is that the shortcut is full of rocks and is more natural. For shorter people it can actually feel like climbing, but the longer path is just a road. I am happy that we chose to go up by shortcut, because longer road seems quite boring to go up, but easier to go down. Also, what I didn’t like is that some people were driving motorcycles on the long road.

Mount Batur Sunrise

4:00 – 6:20 I loved that we started our hike earlier just because we didn’t need to rush, and we could go on our own pace. We didn’t need to stress that we won’t reach the top on time.

6:20 The beautiful sunrise on the top of the mountain! The view was just magical. Also, we got the second breakfast a tea and a boiled egg. A funny thing about this boiled egg is that actually in the description of this hike was written that we will get “an egg cooked in the volcano steam”. Well… it was bullshit. It was just a boiled egg and nothing special, but we were there not for the egg.

travel in indonesia, mount Batur

6:40 Wild monkeys came to finish people’s breakfast. It was such a pretty addition to this astonishing view. Those monkeys weren’t aggressive they just knew the time when people finish their breakfast and they can enjoy the leftovers.

Mount batur trekking

7:00 We hiked down the mountain which took us around an hour. We chose this time the longer road because I am quite afraid to go down the mountain. Always.

8:20 We reached the parking lot and started our drive home.

11:20 We reached our hotel and went directly to bed.

How much is the hike?

We booked our trip from Baliventur website. Actually, we tried to organize it ourselves, but it way too expensive and too complicated. We paid 525k per person and in our group were 5 people, so three people joined who we didn’t know.

 In this price were included:

  • Hotel pick up and drop off;
  • Entrance fee to Mount Batur;
  • Trekking guide (English speaking, answers all your questions, help you to hike, can take photos of you);
  • Flashlight (they promised also trekking wooden pole, but we didn’t get one);
  • Breakfast: pancake, coffee or tea (before trekking);
  • A bottle of water;
  • Boiled egg, bread (serving at the Summit);

For additional 280k you can drive to Hot Springs after a hike, we didn’t do that because it felt like too much for one day. You can also pay by card, but they charge 3% of transaction fee.

What I didn’t like about Mount Batur?

First of all, don’t focus on the things I didn’t like, but just prepare that you could experience those things. Mount Batur is an amazing hike and totally worth your money and time.

  • As I mentioned before I didn’t like that some people were driving motorcycles on the longer road. It really distracted the harmony of Mount Batur.
  • There are some “fake guides” on the way to the top. It’s just people who see hikers who are struggling to climb and then they “help” you by holding your hand to climb up, telling a story that they are hiking here every day just because they like the view, but at the end they just ask for money. Also, when we went down the same people were now working as drivers and asked if we needed a lift.
  • Some hikers/tourist who doesn’t understand that it’s a sanctuary place and you can’t, for example, get almost naked just to get that perfect shot for Instagram.
  • Our driver was crazy. It felt that he imagined being in Fast & Furious movie. We had to ask him several times to drive slower.

FAQ about Mount Batur

Based on the questions other people and friends asked me about this hike.

Do I really need a guide?

Yes, you do. It is not alone to hike there alone. We even saw a runner who had to run with Indonesian guide.

Is it dangerous?

Not really, the path is full of people, so you don’t feel in danger at all.

Is it difficult?

Well… I really enjoyed this hike, but it was not an easy strolling in the woods. To be honest, you have to sweat to reach the top, but it’s only 2 hours hike so I think anybody can just keep it together and reach the top. The last 30 minutes was easier just because you already see the sky turning red and this view just put a spell on you.

Is Mount Batur an active volcano?

Yes, it is.

Is it crowded?

It will be a line to go up, but to be honest it didn’t feel crowded.

What should I pack for the hike?

Wear comfy shoes, the best would be hiking shoes. Wear sports clothes and don’t forget a warmer sweater or a jacket. It gets quite chilly on the top of the mountain. Also, don’t forget the water bottle, even though you get a 0,5 water bottle for free, but it’s not enough.

Enjoy your hike at Mount Batur!

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I don’t think there’s a better place to go on a hike than Indonesia, they have beautiful mountains and colourful sunsets! Sunrise hike is such a bucket-list experience, I’m glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing and happy trails 😊 Aiva

    1. That is true it’s a great experience and also a break from heat 😁

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