Digital Nomad, Freelancer, Working Remotely and Location-independent Differences

When people started working from home there was only one term for that, but every year now you see new and new terms. Now sometimes it’s hard to understand what is the difference between one and another. I don’t even know how to call myself. I always said that I am a solo traveler who is a freelancer, but actually I can also call myself now a digital nomad.

Also, read what I learned from being a Freelancer.

Digital nomad

These peoples are travelers who live nomadic lifestyles, constantly travel from country to country. Using only the internet, telecommunication services, computer, and phone they work remotely from foreign countries. They work from libraries, cafes, co-working spaces, hotels and etc.


A freelancer is a person who works as a web developer, writer, designer, lawyer and etc. selling their work or services by the hour rate, day or a job, etc. rather than working for one employer earning a salary.

Working remotely

To work remotely you do not need to quit your job, many companies offer their employees remote work. Sometimes companies offer employees to work remotely for a couple of days a week. While working remotely you can work for one employer, having a stable salary.

Location Independent

It’s usually freelancers who are not inspired to travel full time, but they want to be independent about their location. Usually, they choose one city or one country where they want to live for several weeks or several months. When they get bored they move.


An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business with limited resources and is responsible for all the risks and rewards of his or her business. The business idea usually is a new product or service rather than an existing business model.

To sum up, freelancers are people who work with several clients and by an hourly rate. A digital nomad is a freelancer who travels full time, location independent person is a freelancer who does not need to live in one place. To work remotely you can be working as an employee, not from the office. Finally, the entrepreneur is a bold business person who invests in his innovative ideas.

How do you call yourself?

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