What I Learned from Being a Freelancer?

So it happened that a couple of years ago I became a freelancer and location independent. I started writing my blog because I knew that I want to share my knowledge, but… I didn’t know which knowledge to share. So I created a travel blog and started traveling. I shared my travel tips and favorite locations, but the people whom I met on the way they were interested more to hear about my freelance job. One guy who I met in Vietnam asked me “What I learned from being a freelancer” and this question stuck with me for a while. And after thinking for a couple of months I can finally give an answer to this question.

Share your ideas

Some people are so afraid to share their ideas or upcoming projects, but I say let’s share! If somebody will steal your idea let them, it is way more in business than just idea. You can have the best idea, but without good skills, some luck and persistence you wouldn’t reach anything. From my personal experience, when you say out loud what you want to do and even though you don’t have money or resources to make it happen then somehow opportunities find you. If you are a fan of manifesting then saying out loud to anybody what you want it tells the universe to bring it to you. It happened to me several times and counting.

You need fewer skills

When I worked as a marketing manager I had to be five people in one. I was a graphic designer, events planner, interior designer, IT and copywriter. I had to do everything, to know about everything and to work fast and perfect. When I started working remotely I realized that I just need to have one or two skills which I am completely mastering.

You just have to do

Sometimes you have to do tasks which you don’t like, but you have to because there’s nobody who will do it for you. For example, I hate writing invoices, but every month I just have to do it.

The client is not your boss

It is quite hard to change employee mentality when you start freelancing. You can easily fall into a trap of clients controlling you as being your boss. It’s important to set rules and boundaries so they would know what to expect from you.

My time is important

Before I didn’t value my time so much and I used to stay at work after work just to do extra tasks and save the company some money. Although, I understood that my time is valuable and if my clients want me to work additionally they also have to pay additionally. There are always exceptions, but you need to create rules.

Life is not only work

I often say that when I became a freelancer I could see how seasons change. That is true, I could walk my dog at 10 a.m. and just enjoy Autumn leaves or drive 2 hours to visit my grandparents. I just realized how much time we spend at work and life will pass so quickly that we should do what we love more often and at any time we want.

Health is the most important

Health is always important, but if you are are a freelancer it is extremely important. You can’t be tired, hungover or ill otherwise the productivity will be low. Also, nobody can replace you at your job and you can’t have sick days.

Everything is possible

When you start freelancing then you realize that it is limitless. You can basically create whatever you want and wherever you want. The sky is the only limit for that. It’s literally if you dream it then you can make it.

So let’s share out ideas and let each other grow. Also, read ” Why Freelance Job is so Important “

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