I Met Her – Solo Traveling Girl

I used to see those solo girls at the Airport, their skin didn’t have any makeup for a while, they had uneven tan, messy hair and a huge smile on their face. Actually their whole body was smiling. It looked like all their body cells were happy to be part of this amazing human being. 
To be fully honest I met them usually at women’s toilets brushing their teeth, washing their faces and just freshening up after a trip for a new adventure.

Solo traveler

They learn how not to bother anybody and to create a cozy space for themselves even though they are just sleeping on the sofa at somebody’s house. They just need their backpack and it’s the only weight they want to carry with them, no childhood trauma and broken hearts, just being open to new possibilities. These solo traveling girls are the residents of airports, all their life fits in one backpack. And if they feel to much weight then they have to through something away like a dress, shoes or toxic friendships. Some people say that it is a luxurious life and some people say that it is their dream. To let go of all attachments, obligations, and things.

It seems that the hardest thing is the unknown, you don’t know where are you going to sleep next, what you will eat and who will be your friend now. You don’t know where the next paycheck will come, but money always comes if you let them.

Solo traveling girls are passionate, brave, smart, usually speak several languages, alive and interesting. I met them quite a lot during my travels. I didn’t meet so many solo traveling men, but girls inspire me. They have spirits craving for more.

This is me?

The last time I saw myself in the mirror at the Singapore airport toilet my first thought was “oh my god I am this girl!”. I was wearing these oversized white T-shirt, I had uneven sun-bleached hair, I even had some braids in my hair with beads which my South African friend gave me. I loved my face without makeup and I just smiled because I felt happy, without any stress or the pressure to be somebody else. I love meeting new me and I know that one day when I finish my full time traveling I will see this girl in my eyes. 

My grandmother sometimes calls me and asks me “when are you coming back from your holiday? ” and then I hear my grandfather’s voice from the background “it’s time to come back home”. It has never been a holiday and the concept of home changed, it’s not the house where I grew up anymore or the country where I was born, it’s the people who surround me and the feeling of being free, creating my new norms and healing past wounds. My new home doesn’t have bricks and doors, but it has a huge space in my heart. Wherever I go, I am already at home and that’s why the solo traveling journey is such crucial for every being.

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solo traveling girl

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  1. stralthy says:

    I wish I had the courage to just pack and go somewhere by myself..
    Also, your post is so beautifully written♥️

    Anna // http://www.stralthy.com

    1. I believe that you could! After your first solo trip it changes you and destroy your old fears 😉

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