Don’t Start Your Work Experience As a Digital Nomad

I want to begin with I am so happy being location independent and having an ability to work whenever I want and from wherever I want. Remote work brought me so many good things in my life. I could meet my sister in Denmark, I can spend time with my grandparents, I can walk my dog during a day or just go to a farmer for some fresh veggies. Read also my blog post: “Why Freelance Job is So Important”. Although, I think that after university or college you shouldn’t skip working in the office and become an entrepreneur or digital nomad. Don’t go anywhere and listen to my reasons why you should postpone the nomadic lifestyle for a year or two.

9 to 5 job is not so bad

Everybody is dreaming about being free and being their own boss, but there are so many things behind being a freelancer. Even though I am expressing myself now and I couldn’t do that before working for the company, I actually think that an office job is not so bad. I want to emphasize that it’s only good when you work with people who respect you. It’s not only a routine job, but also the company’s party, new office friends, free coffee and etc. You also don’t need to stress about money so much because companies usually pay on time for their employees. You don’t need to stress about contracts and other agreements. Starting a new job is already exciting and scary so why should you make it even harder.

I learned so many skills

Working as a marketing manager I had to know so many things. I had to understand graphic design, web development, SEO, printing, printer’s manual, email marketing, invoicing, customer support, social media marketing, influencers marketing, how to create contracts, videography and many more, I can continue naming for at least two hours. It was constant learning, every day was interesting because I just had to find out something new.

I met my friend at my previous job and she didn’t study and it was her first job experience. She was struggling to create an Excel document or to search for how to solve her computer problems. The basic skills of office programs, graphic design and problem solving are extremely important working remotely. You shouldn’t start your own business without knowing the basics.

All those skills which I gained I use it building my own company and it saves me time and money. For example, I knew nothing about contracts and invoices, but after a year of working at the company, it was a piece of a cake. Working for a company you sometimes have to do work which you do not like, but it helps you to grow and to gain new knowledge.

Organizational skills

Planning your work and time is also crucial, you should always improve your organizational knowledge. Working for other people you have to submit tasks on time and to know how much time you will spend for a specific work. You have to have good organizational skills before working remotely and traveling at the same time.

It helps to understand my clients more

After working for a big company I understand the process which I sometimes have to face with my clients now. I sometimes have to wait for their answer longer or to understand the way they pay their invoices. To understand when it is the best season for a company and how you should prepare for it.

I found what I don’t want to do in my life

It can sound silly, but I hate office clothes, every time I had to wear it I felt that it is choking me. When I started freelancing I firstly threw away or gave away my office clothes. I hate those meetings which are sometimes unnecessary. I hate to pretend to be more important that I actually am., I just hate pretending in general. I believe in equality and it’s hard when somebody wants to be bigger than you. I just found the things which I really hate and I don’t want to repeat that again. That’s why I plan my practice having this experience.

Working in a company is a safe place to get new skills and to prepare yourself for creating your own business. I wouldn’t recommend starting your work experience from becoming a digital nomad. At least have an internship or work in a company for a year. That would save you so much time, money and your nerves. You will get experience which will help you to grow faster and bigger. Travels always are tempting, but without knowing what you want and what you don’t want you will wander around without a goal.

What is your opinion about starting work experience being a digital nomad?

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