Best Places to Work Remotely in Manila, the Philippines

Let’s start with this that the Philippines, in general, is not a very friendly place to digital nomads and freelancers. It’s not easy to find free wifi, comfy cafe, chill place for your daily work. But, since I spent a month in the Philippines I manage to find some good places to work remotely. Also, If you are just planning your trip to the Philippines also read “What to expect in the Philippines”.


Sometimes you need to use Mcdonald’s to send a quick email, to finish some tasks or just to wait for a train, bus or plane. It is not the comfiest place to work, but it’s possible, you can find there outlets, free Wi-fi and it works 24/7. Unfortunately, not all Mcdonald’s in Manila have Wi-fi so before ordering drinks or food check if they have stable Wi-fi if not then go to another Mcdonald’s.

Buzz Internet Cafe

best places to work remotely

This place I found randomly because I was so desperate just to find any place which has Wi-fi and it was great! Extremely comfy chairs because this place is mostly targeted to gamers. That’s why it can be also a bit noisy because gamers like to shout, but also you get good quality headphones. When you put them on you literally can’t hear anything.

The only thing which maybe wouldn’t be good for you if you need some specific programs for your freelancing job is that you have to use their computers. The internet is stable because it’s LAN, but it’s not your computer which at least for me feels weird.

The prices are quite good, it’s 30 pesos per hour which is around 0.59$

Coreon gate

best places to work remotely

This is my favorite place, it is freelancer heaven and a perfect place to work remotely in Manila. It has great seats, strong Wi-fi connection, strong AC, it’s super quiet because everybody is there for working or studying.

Price is my favorite part if you buy any food or drink you get 4 hours of Wi-fi. If you need a computer you can rent it there.


Starbucks always looks like a great place to work. They have too expensive coffee, outlets, usually Wi-fi, quite comfy seats. What I didn’t like in Manila is that you need to create an account and you can’t to if you don’t have a local SIM card.

Coworking space

In Manila, you can find many co-working spaces, probably because of the lack of free Wi-fi places in the city. You can find many places on Coworker. The best part of it is that you can try those spaces for an hour or a day. So if you plan to stay more than a week in Manila, definitely try coworking spaces, because it’s not only a Wi-fi but also a community.

I hope that it was helpful to you. Don’t forget if you ever need some help with your remote job you can always use Fiverr to find great freelancers.

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