Why a Freelance Job is So Important

When I started freelancing I hated when people said, “You are so lucky that you can be a freelancer”. I hated that they say that, because I was working a lot, mostly 10 or 12 hours a day just to manage to do that. I was still struggling a lot and every day I was learning a new skill, a new lesson. I felt that it’s not luck, I didn’t believe in that, but I just earned it by working hard and doing that on my own. Although…. after traveling to Asia I actually realized how actually lucky I am.

I am lucky

My story is that on my 18th birthday I got an internship in one shitty organization to work with marketing. Through there I got many contacts and I was always in the marketing field, connecting with start-ups and other big and small companies. Marketing, advertising was my passion and the main interest since when I was a kid. My older sister told me once that it’s cool to be in this field and at that time I was copying everything she does, so I was into that. When others were going to parties, I was going to meetings or to events to get more connections. After school, I was rushing to work and then doing my homework.

I didn’t want to study because I already had experience and I had huge fights with my mom about it. But one night my older friend who had an advertising company just told me “don’t do that, don’t skip University, you will meet amazing people, have great memories and you also can travel cheaper, just go to study to another city”. That caught my attention and the next morning I filled the application for studies. I left all my connections and started my studies in another city. I was still balancing work and studies, but I had more fun, fell in love, traveled to Austria and Spain and I had so many parties. But, also I met people from other cities and small villages which helped me to realize that since I was from the capital I could work with marketing when I was still at school. That’s why I already had work experience, but all my other group mates didn’t have this chance.

When I graduated from university, I already had 5 years of experience working in the marketing field, when all my friends just started getting their first job. That was also the reason why I got fed up with “office work” and I didn’t want this stress anymore and I started thinking about freelancing. But even then, I got lucky. I was working at the company where I promised that I will work only a year, this company was just in a very small city and I felt too young to live there for too long, even though I loved the people who surrounded me and everything about it.  But I was lucky because at the end of the year that the company asked if I could work remotely for them. At that time, I was dreaming of freelancing, but I was too afraid to do that so it was a kick that I needed. And then my freelancing journey began. And I just realized how important is to have a freelancing job for people and how easier you can balance your life.

Advantages of Freelancing

  • Yes, you can travel easier. You don’t need to take holidays to go to another country. Basically, you can work from anywhere where you have electricity and Wi-Fi. You can work during the day and explore the country during the evening or weekends.
  • Spending time with loved ones. When I started freelancing, I started to spend more time with my parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. Before I was visiting them only on the weekends, especially if they live in another country, city. Now I just drive to their place, work from their house, office or at the nearest café and after that, I can spend evening and morning with them, have lunch together. I felt so happy just to be able to spend more time with my family, it improved my life so much in this way.
  • I can see how seasons change. Before I was working in the office and after work, I was rushing home to relax, basically to eat and watch Netflix. Now I can spend more time in nature and observe. I am taking way more walks in the forest and hikes. I am not stuck in the city anymore so after work I can go to the lake, sea and truly relax, read a book or have a picnic.
  • My income got higher. As I was working at the office, I had a fixed salary, now it depends on how much work I do. Previously I had to work with social media, marketing, web development, writing, advertising, graphic design, project management, photography, and many more. I had to know more, but I got less money. Now I am good in specific fields and I don’t waste my energy on the things I don’t like.
  • I can do things I love. For example, I love walking my dog in the morning without any rush. Also, I can go to a park, play fetch with my dog and have slow mornings.
  • I can be healthier, it’s easier to have a balanced diet when you work as a freelancer. I can easily cook my lunch and work at the same time. Sometimes, I must wait for other people to respond to continue with my work, so I just cook in between work.
  • Also, it’s easier to be creative, if I feel stuck, I go for a walk, I change my working place or just listen to music, paint, do yoga, meditate. Those things help and at the office, it’s not always possible to do those things.

When I started freelancing, I became happier and it improved my life, my relationship and I believe I became better at my job.

Freelancing job is essential for some people

Only now I realize how important to help other people to get an education. Also, to get a freelancing job and not everybody is as lucky as I am. I was always working a lot, but still, I have an education, I have the experience, I have a computer and I have people who support me.

Image if you were in those situations:

  • You are a 17 years old girl, already a single mom who didn’t finish school. No support from others and the only job you can have is selling street food.
  • You are a 22 years old guy whose liver is failing, and you must have dialysis almost daily to survive. Your parents are struggling to pay hospital bills, you have two younger siblings and your parents are getting older.
  • You live in a small city which doesn’t have any job offers. The only choice is for you to leave your wife and kids and go to live in another city or country. See them once a week, once a month or even a year.
  • You just broke your leg and you can’t move for 4 months and you don’t have any income from anywhere.
  • You are a young girl who better chooses a life with an older man than to be stuck in her village and struggle her whole life. Also, her parents push her to find an older man from a richer country and support them as well.

These stories, unfortunately, are not made up. These stories are from people who I met while traveling, who are not as lucky as I am. Seeing those situations pushes me to take action. In the future, I will focus to help those people to get a freelancing job.

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