I am a Solo Traveller, But Not Alone

My story is that I am working for the second year as a freelancer, last year I was travelling solo in Europe: Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France because it was close to home and if I failed I could come back home easily and start everything from the scratch again. Failing for me is mostly related to work, if I can’t earn enough to sustain this lifestyle it’s a fail for me. The first year was a struggle I didn’t have people who could truly advise me how to be a digital nomad so I had to learn mostly on my own, reading and watching youtube videos of other people.

This year I decided to travel around Asia and to visit Japan, Taiwan, Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I decided to do that as a solo traveller again because nobody from my friends could do that for the whole year. This year is a bit more successful for me because now I have more clients and I already have some experience of how to solve some issues while travelling.

I am a solo traveller but actually I am not

When I meet new people while travelling now usually they say “oh you are so amazing that you do that”, “you are so strong that you can travel alone”, “it is so brave to be a solo traveller” and many other good things and admiration. But actually I am never alone and I am never solo and if I was truly a solo traveller I think I couldn’t sustain this lifestyle for a long time.

When you travel so many things happens, good and bad things. When you face a problem you have to solve it and I never solved my problems alone.

All the things which happened on my trip already and what you can’t see on Instagram:

  • My wallet was stolen. It’s my recent problem, It happened in El Nido, the Philippines at a bar, those things happen while travelling and that’s it. One Irish guy who I met only one day ago agreed to take some money from the ATM and give it to me, I made a bank transfer to him. Only with his help, I could have some money until I order my new card.
  • A street dog chewed my computer charger at the hostel. If I lose my computer, I lose my money source. One Spanish guy who I met at the hostel helped me to fix it with the duct tape until I found a new one.
  • Being tired and overwhelmed. When I just arrived in Manila I felt so bad and it was a bit a culture shock for me. I stayed with one local, Philipino woman who explained to me about the culture, food, history and many more. After that, I could find good things in the Philippines as well.
  • I was lost. In Taiwan, Meinong I couldn’t find a bus station and one man saw that I was lost and he drove me to another city where was a bigger bus station.
  • Emotional support. While travelling I do many things which scare me like snorkelling or visiting more local places where tourists don’t go. I reach new levels of being scared and sometimes I break. Emotional support is vital to me. My parents, sister, brother, grandmother calls me often just to talk with me and to listen to me, to make sure that I am fine, that’s how I become fine. Even responses to my Insta stories of random people help sometimes when I feel down.
  • My clients trust me. I am so happy that I have the trust of my clients who are hiring me and they don’t care where I am and what I am doing in my personal life. They just hired me for my ability to work and I am happy about it.

I could list and list how many things happen, but there are always people who help me.

The thing is that travelling for a long time is more like teamwork. It’s the same as athletes have instructors, masseuses, psychologists and many people who do a lot of work for this person. But you see only the athlete who is the star of the show. I am a solo traveller but It’s like a hundred people behind of all my adventures and photos. I believe that solo travellers don’t actually exist. I just want to say thank you for everybody who helps me during my journey and help me to grow.

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I am a solo traveller but I am not alone

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