What to Pack for Hiking to Mount Fuji, Japan

This season to Mount Fuji we finally took a hike to the highest mountain and still active volcano in Japan. You can read more about our trip to Mount Fuji and our tips here. We were prepared quite well for the trip, but we still made some mistakes and i hope you will prepare even better than we did. So here are my tips what to pack for your next hike to Fuji.

Trekking shoes

Shoes here are the most important part. You don’t want to get blisters on your feet, it would make your trip extra difficult and painful. I recommend you not to go to this hike with completely new shoes either. Buy trekking shoes and have 2 – 3 hours simpler hike just to check how your feet are feeling. I bought my shoes almost 10 years ago and they still in good shape, but that’s just because I invested in them a bit more money.

trekking shoes mount fuji

Windproof and waterproof jacket

windproof jacket

Warm clothes

Pullover, sweater, winter jacket, warm socks take warm clothes because on the top of the Mount Fuji it will feel like 0°C.

Thermo clothes

Having thermo clothes like pants or pullover is a smart idea because you will sweat and you need to stay warm.

Face scarf mask

It will help you from the cold weather and dust.

Face scarf mask


You will get sunburn for sure if you will not have any sunscreen on.


If you want to see a sunset or a sunrise you will have to climb during the dark period of the day so a headlamp is a must for sure.



On the mountain stations, you will be able to buy some snacks, drinks and you will need coins to pay for the toilet. We spent 6000 – 7000 yen for one. Also, we paid for stamps on our walking sticks.

Cap and hat

We packed only a cap which was great for the sunny weather while you climb. Although, when we reached the top we were regretting that we didn’t have a winter hat because it was freezing.

Cap and hat


If you will not be in the cloud during your hike it will be quite sunny so sunglasses are a must.

Hard hat or a helmet

Some people are climbing to Mount Fuji wearing a helmet. It’s not a stupid idea, even during our trip we saw falling rocks. We didn’t have those, but it’s quite a good idea to have helmets.


On the top and to hike during night time will be cold so having gloves will be useful. Also, you will have to climb up holding to the cold rocks.


backpacks on mount fuji

Mostly you will need to carry warm clothes, water and food in your bag. Choose a comfy backpack which evenly distributes weight on your back.

Trash bags

On the mountain, there will be no trash can so it means you will have to bring all of your trash down with yourself.


About 2 – 3 litres, remember that you will need to carry your own trash, so better use a reusable water bottle which doesn’t take too much space.


Easy to carry snacks like nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, cookies and so on. Also, I recommend buying from convenient store vitamins and minerals jello. It doesn’t weight much and it will give you a boost which you will need.

convenient store jello

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