Expectations About Japan, Is It True or Not?

Japan is one of the most popular dream destinations ever. I am still trying to understand why people want to travel here so badly. Is it because of the Godzilla movies, anime or high-tech or the culture? As I am here in Japan I decided to write it down what expectations are real and which are not really and what to expect if you dream to travel to Japan.

1. No trash cans in public and no litter

A lot of people from different countries notice this, but in public places, there are no trash cans. The best thing is that here also not littering. So how is it possible? What you should do as a tourist if you buy a water bottle? Easy, when you come home recycle it properly. It’s actually quite genius. Country saves some much money at taking care of public trash cans and also there are no accidents when animals or wind blows everything away.

2. Helpful people

Here are extremely polite and helpful people. Yes, they are shy as well if they do not speak well English, but if you already asked them something they will try to help as much as possible. Even though sometimes they don’t know the answer.

3. Poor English

In Japan speaking only English languages is a bit tricky, because rarely you will find a Japanese person who speaks well English. Also, to find an English menu or English signs is also not so common. But in some places, they have devices in which they speak Japanese and show you a written English text. Learning a couple of phrases in Japanese and printing all your hotel reservations in the Japanese language would be helpful.

signs in Japanese language

4. “7 eleven” and healthy food

In the United States “7 eleven” is more known as a fast food place to stop by for a quick bite or something sweet, but in Japan is not the case. Here you can actually buy healthy food in “7 eleven” like a boiled egg, salad, sushi, yoghurt, even milk or rice. You can actually make your groceries here.

Food in Japan

5. The best service

Wow! the service at restaurants, cafe, shops really surprised me. They are so polite and treat you with so much respect, I actually will miss the service of Japan. Waiters are smiling, saying sorry if something was bad and if it took too much time. Also, the thing I really like that they give your credit card back with two hands and respectfully nod their head. I hope I will learn at least a little bit how to respect other people as they do. Additionally, there is no tipping! The service is perfect and they do not accept tipping, actually, this is one of the rare times when I really want to leave some tips.

6. Cute (Kawai)

Do Japanese people love cute things? For sure! Bus with a cute cat cartoon, menu with childish paintings and everything you see is cute. For me, all the things like airway website, university or bank have to be serious, usually using the same branding colours, because I was raised like that. You trust those who look seriously. But in Japan, all those “serious” companies use cartoon characters for their branding.

7. Robots

I believe many people think about Japan as a high-tech country with robots strolling around the streets, well that’s only imagination. But, there are more automated processes and machines which helps you in your daily life. For example, in some restaurants, before entering the place you order your food via food machine, pay for it and then go inside to eat. Although, I am still waiting to meet a robot.

8. Sleeping people

It is completely normal in Japan to sleep anywhere you are. If you are tired what you gonna do, just lay on the desk or comfortably sit in the metro and take a nap. You will feel better, do better at work and it is so easy to relax almost anywhere.

9. Quiet and respectful people

It’s easy to sleep anywhere because people in Japan are quiet and respectful. They move and go on with their day in that way that they would not disturb others. You will never hear somebody shouting, speaking via phone on the bus or listening loudly to the music. They are not blocking the road if they see that others have to pass it.

10. Safe

It is completely safe to leave your computer, wallet and phone on the table in a cafe and go to the toilet. The first time I felt quite anxious when my friend told me to leave all the purchases, our just bought hot dinner on a bike which was unlocked and go to the shop. I didn’t know what I would do, but something bad if somebody will steal my hot dinner (I was hungry).

11. Respirators (face mask)

If you have the flu or you feel bad you have to put on a respirator and do not share your germs with others. That totally makes sense and in Japan, you can see many people with the respirator.

respirators, face mask in Japan

12. Bread slice

The bread was an interesting one for me. Here in Japan, you select your bread slice depending on how thick you want your slices to be and not depending on how many slices you want.

13. Toilets

Yes, I believe everybody heard about Japanese toilets which have so many functions as the sound of flushing water (if you don’t want to hear others), warm seat, bidet, spray. I am still wondering what “magic wand” button does, but I am too afraid to press it.

14. Karaoke in Japan

This is so much fun! Japanese loves karaoke and so do I. It is quite popular and you can easily find karaoke bars in the city and this is a thing which you totally have to do in Japan. Before you go to the karaoke bar I highly recommend checking a list of the best karaoke songs. Because if you think that you can sing Ed Sheeran song “Don’t” you probably can’t sing it. I learnt this lesson in a hard way.

Karaoke in Japan

15. Weird ads

Japanese commercials are really strange, funny and in some cases make no sense at all. Every time I go to the city I love watching them though. If you don’t believe me watch this Sakeru Gum commercial.

16. Cash

Yes, Japanese is known as a high tech country, but you will be surprised in how many places you will not have a possibility to pay with a card. Definitely, have some cash all the time with yourself.

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Expectations about Japan what is true and what is not? #toyoupiter
Expectations about Japan what is true and what is not?

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  1. Joan says:

    This is interesting and really nice to know.I haven’t been there yet but looks like it would be a great experience. I love how particular they are with their bread.

  2. I have a friend who is studying to become a teacher and her dream is to teach in Japan. I know she loves the country and now i can see why!

  3. Amber says:

    I would love to go to Japan one day. So would my daughter. She just loves the culture and I know we’d see a lot of neat things.

  4. I like the way that they handle the trash. Healthy food at the 7/11 is always a good thing.

  5. Passion Piece says:

    Japan has been on my bucketlist for a long time, as it’s a truly fascinating country. Thanks to you, I’ll know more about its culture and customs for sure! Thanks a lot!:)

  6. Sarah Meh says:

    There are loads of new things I came to know about in this post. I didn’t know that they can sleep anywhere and have poor English.

  7. Ceci Rey says:

    I love this! Japan is on my bucket list. It is nice to know some of the expectations you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Brittany says:

    My Husband wants to go to Japan to go skiing! I just want to go because of Disneyland Tokyo! 🙂

  9. Lyosha Varezhkina says:

    Japan is probably my favorite country outside home. It is awesome to travel too. English is not that poor if you get used the horrible accent and can decipher some words.

  10. Steph Social says:

    Sounds so clean! And I know they’re more advanced with technology! I’ve always wanted to visit!

  11. LaShawn says:

    Japan isn’t a perfect country, but it is a very convenient and easy place to live in. I feel much safer walking around alone here than I ever did in the US.

    1. Yes and I love that you can leave your laptop, wallet and phone on the table at a cafe or restaurant and go to the toilet. Nothing will be stolen! Love this safety 😍

  12. Jane Park says:

    I believe Japan has so many things to do, it’s true that for some people can’t be just as entertaining as idk Mexico or Brazil, but the truth is that it’s a place full of history and culture and it’s totally worth it to explore it!

    1. I totally agree with you, culture here is astonishing

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