Fabijoniškės – place where Chernobyl HBO was filmed

After I spend a half a day in Fabijoniškės, Lithuania just walking around my friend told me “if somebody has told me a year ago that I am going for a walk in Fabijoniškės I would say why? You are stupid or something? But today after Chernobyl HBO parts of series was filmed there, now it became normal”. That’s true it is not the most beautiful or impressive district in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, but Chernobyl HBO series made me rediscover this unseen district in Vilnius. If you want to discover Vilnius more read my post of things to do in Vilnius.

While you are walking around Fabijoniškės you could feel how much history are in those grey buildings. If you manage to find a place without other people or new cars which was surprisingly possible you could imagine that the Soviet era is still here. One of the reasons why Chernobyl HBO was shot in Fabijoniškės is that this micro-district is almost untouched by the massive constructions works. All around in Lithuanian capital, Vilnius got quickly revitalized except Fabijoniškės. It still looks authentic, almost without any modern architecture.

Chernobyl series is a great reminder that the Soviet era is a part of our history and it doesn’t matter if we like it or not. The first thing about Lithuanian history any outsider should know is that we became a part of the Soviet Union against our will and these micro-districts and architectural monuments don’t have positive associations. I grew up already in a free Lithuania, but I deeply know the pain and how much people suffered from being a part of the Soviet Union. You learn it at school and at home.

Scenes from Chernobyl HBO in Fabijoniškės

A huge thanks to my friend (Instagram: @vy.kav ) who spend his time with me in Fabijoniškės and was eager to find the exact spots of some Chernobyl HBO series spots, he was so kind a shared his photos with me:

Evacuation: Chernobyl HBO vs reality

Children coming from school: Chernobyl HBO vs reality

Story of Fabijoniškės

The first thing my parents remembered about Fabijoniškės when I asked them what do you know about this micro-district was the old dump place. Fabijoniškės location was heavily questioned in the public because it was built near the old dump place of the whole city. People were quite pissed about the construction in this area. Many feared that the area could be geologically unstable.

It is still not common to go for a walk in Fabijoniškės district, but if you want to see the places where Chernobyl HBO was shot then you should wander in Fabijoniškės and S. Stanevičiaus streets.

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