Japan Travel Bucket List

In a couple of weeks, I am going to live in Japan for 3 months! Exciting, right?! So I thought it is time for planning or at least it is time to start thinking about what I want to experience while traveling in Japan. I hope my list will give you some ideas if you also would like to travel to Japan one day. Also, check my latest articles about Japan here.

Stay at Ryokan (旅館)

A ryokan is a typical Japanese house that is traditionally featured with tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and other public areas where visitors have to wear yukata. Japanese culture is well known for its tradition and there’s no better way to experience it than to engage yourself in the Japanese culture of a ryokan stay.

Ryokan Japan

Sleep at capsule hotel

Oh I’m so interested to try these limited space capsule hotels. Check those here.

Capsule hotel Japan

Take a traditional Ramen cooking class

The best souvenir to bring home is to learn traditional food. I tried it in Italy and France and I will explore cooking classes in other countries in the future because those skills which you gain are so useful. More info about Ramen cooking class in Kyoto.

Ramen Japan

Visit rabbit island

Rabbit island is located in Eastern Hiroshima, it’s a small enclave occupied by wild rabbits, actually hundreds of them that are running around the forests and fields, mostly chasing tourists for food. This is so cute!!! More info.

Rabiit island japan

Explore Zao fox village

It is located in Shiroishi (Miyagi Prefecture) and it’s an easy train ride from Tokyo. There are hundreds of cute and fluffy semi-wild foxes that are running free in this forest. Let’s just say I love animals and all places which have animals excites me. More info .

fox village Japan

Climb Mountain Fujiyama

This is probably the most popular hike in Japan, but it’s also very exciting and as you probably know already nature in Japan is astonishing. You should for sure plan a trip to nature.

Mountain Fuji Japan

Visit Tokyo Skytree

Visit the tallest structure in Tokyo to enjoy the panorama of Japanese capital from the towering observation of TOKYO SKYTREE®. More info.

Explore the Japan Art Islands

Japan Art Islands are hidden away in the Seto Inland Sea. Those islands are filled with beautiful museums, art installations, and other art masterpieces. More info.

Enjoy Tea Ceremony

Tea culture is huge in Japan so it should be planned in everybody’s Japan travel list. More info here.

Tea ceremony Japan

Visit Gion,  Kyoto

Gion is the most traditional district Japan, where the world of geisha is alive.  More info here.

Kyoto Japan

Owl Cafe

In Tokyo you can drink your coffee with owls, it’s a unique cafe in Akihabara area and it’s couple years ago got super trendy. More info.

Owl Cafe Japan

Play with Pachinka

Pachinka is like slot machines on steroids, I heard it’s super fun to play with them and worth spending at least 10$

Pachinka Japan

Gesen ゲーセン

It’s similar like Pachinka, at least you can find it usually together, but Gesen is more like a video game arcade. It’s fun to play and watch.

video games Japan

Visit Manga Kassa

Manga Kassa is a term of a comic book shop in Japan, it’s worth exploring the world of anime.

Manga Kassa Japan

Karaoke in Japan

Everyone already has heard of Karaoke bars, but Japanese karaoke is out-of-this-world. So don’t be shy and get on the scene.

Karaoke in Japan

Hanami 花見

It is the act of having a picnic under cherry blossom trees with your friends or family for the entire day.

Cherry blossom Japan

Wisteria tunnels & Gardens in Japan

Where else you can find the most beautiful gardens in the world and a tunnel of Wisteria??

Gardens in Japan

Purikura プリクラ

Purikura is photo booths which extremely Photoshop you and make extra pretty. It’s a fun activity to do with friends.

Ginza and the famous Japanese depatos

The Ginza in Tokyo is like the Timesquare in New York. It’s located right in the middle of Tokyo, not far from the imperial palace.

Ginza Tokyo Japan

Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

Fish in Japan is a huge thing and a lucky coincidence that I love food and I just must to eat everything with fish.

fish market tokyo japan

Visit a hot spring

Japan is well known for its hot springs and hot spring hotels. These hot springs are between the temperature of 25 ° C and 40 ° C. Besides their wellness benefits, it is also a traditional experience.

hot spring japan



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