I’ve Got a Letter from “The Juliet Club” Verona, Italy

I already forgot about the letter I wrote 6 months ago about my “tricky” love situation to the Juliet Club and it was a nice surprise when I found a letter in my mailbox from Verona, Italy. I was so interested in what a stranger who does not know me, my lifestyle, my personality can say about the things which are so emotional and recommend me what to do about my love life.

The answer from the Juliet Club

Actually… after 6 months, it’s a half a year in which my “love” situation completely changed, but it was so nice to get a handwritten letter. I don’t remember the last time I’ve got a handwritten letter! Also, the answer was so accurate actually my life changed in a way it was written in the letter what I should do. I am happy that I already did it. I truly believe that sometimes a person from the outside can give you better advice that people who know you for a long time because they are focused only on the situation.

What is the Juliet Club?

Have you seen the movie “Letters to Juliet”? About a young American lady who was staying in Verona, Italy and accidentally discovered the Juliet club which was answering love letters of the people around the world who need guidance on what to do with their love. So…. this club actually exists! All the letter written to Juliet (Juliet from a Romeo&Juliet) are answered by volunteers also called Juliet’s secretaries. They answer letters in any language because they also have volunteers all around the globe.

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How to write to Juliet?

There are two ways how you can do that. The first one is to go to Verona, Italy and leave your letter in the red letterbox located in Juliet’s House. When you enter the yard of Juliet’s house it will be on the left next to the souvenir shop. On the movie, it is shown that you have to glue or put a letter on the wall, that’s not true, if you leave it like that then you will never get the answer. Buy tickets to Verona, Italy on Kiwi.com

The second way is to write an email to dearjuliet@julietclub.com but the old school way of paper and pen is my favorite.

Verona, Italy

The story of the Juliet Club

It started back to the 1930’s, when the guardian of Juliet’s monument, Ettore Solimani, started to collect all the letters left by visitors and write back to them. He became the first secretary of Juliet. Nowadays this tradition continues thanks to the Juliet Club, founded by Giulio Tamassiaand a group of intellectuals from Verona in 1972. During Juliet’s birthday in September the club organizes the award for the best letters sent to Juliet. 

If you visit Verona, Italy I highly recommend writing a letter to Juliet. Read my blog post what to do in Verona, Italy

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