Cozy Cafes for Working or Studying in Bologna, Italy

I am doing 80 % of my work remotely and usually from home or in a place where I live at that time. I love once a week to treat myself and to go to some nice coffee place or just to change my environment and work from another place. As I work alone, I sometimes feel that I want to spend the whole week closed from the world, without leaving my home because I have so many ideas and I am passionately working with it. It’s easy for me to become a bit antisocial.

Places to work remotely in Bologna, Italy
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 To prevent being antisocial I leave my home to work somewhere else and usually, it helps me with my creativity or with the tasks with which I am completely stuck.
Although, in Italy, it’s not so easy to find a place where you can calmly take out your computer and spend half of the day sipping your coffee and working. Italians have this culture of drinking their espresso at the bar and going on with their day, most of the places don’t even have wifi. If you are going to Italy read my blog post: Things to expect in Italy. I lived in Bologna, Italy for four months and I was struggling with this. Of course, you can find some busy McDonald’s, but my criteria for a place to work remotely are:

  • Free wi-fi
  • Outlets to charge my computer
  • A quiet corner to sit and observe the place
  • Great coffee and food

Not much, but trust me it’s not so easy to find it, I feel that Italians don’t really have this culture of working remotely from coffee places, but maybe I am wrong. Luckily, I manage to find a couple amazing places and I want to share my discoveries with you. Let’s start with a list.

1. ZOO

work remotely in bologna, coffee places in Italy

My Favorite place was ZOO, it’s a perfect place if you also need creative inspiration. It’s a colorful cafe, gallery and a bookshop, this place is just packed with art. It also serves pastries, bagels, Sunday Brunches and of course coffee. That’s not it, also all food is organic and has a wide selection of vegan desserts and meals. I didn’t try this, but I hear that if you are planning on spending the whole day, you can for just €1 have unlimited refills on coffee.

freelance in bologna italy

Things to do in Bologna Italy

Address: Strada Maggiore, 50, Bologna

2.Biblioteca Salaborsa

library in bologna italy

Another great choice which I usually try while I travel – the city’s libraries. Bologna’s library is not only huge but also has great wifi. The place is astonishing and Instagram worthy. I love this place, but during busy days or weekends it can be super crowded and you can work with your computer only in the areas where it is written. If you are in the area which is for the newspapers reading then staff can ask you to go to another place. Sometimes you have to wait for an empty table and chair for a while. Also, there is no food or coffee, but that’s okay.

library in bologna italy

Address: Piazza del Nettuno, 3, Bologna

3. Caffe Terzi

Caffe terzi bologna

One of the best-known coffee places in Bologna, if you never been here then you have to stop by for some cappuccino and a small pastry. Most of the locals drink their coffee at the bar and leave, from the outside this place can look full, but if you go straight forward you’ll see places where you can sit and start freelancing. There are many types of coffee beans from around the globe as well as a variety of kinds of milk, sugars and they prepare coffee with rich chocolate shavings. When they ask if you want chocolate shavings always say YES.

Caffe terzi bologna

Address: Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 10/d

4. Fram

Another great and eco-friendly option is Fram, it offers healthy meals with plenty of light and veggie options, especially great when you are a bit tired of pasta and want something fresh. The coziness comes from cool vintage aesthetic it makes a great place for studying, with a long central table which is reserved for those working with computers. Although, it can be pricey.

Address: Via Rialto 22, Bologna

Don’t forget when you work remotely in random places:

  • That you are using public wifi and somebody can try to steal your information or connect to your devices if you are not careful.
  • To take your water bottle, because you need to stay hydrated even though you are not at home.
  • Take your chargers and portable battery with you.
  • Sometimes you have only one outlet and you need to charge two devices so take with you a power strip with USB

I hope you’ll enjoy your sweet coffee and you will have a productive day!

freelancing in bologna

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