5 reasons you need email list for your online business

Why You Definitely Need Email List

It really doesn’t matter what type of business model you have is it product based or service based. You have to have an email list if you want to survive long term. Social Media, Pinterest, Instagram, Paid Ads, etc… are all great and useful but you have very little control over the outcome of these. Don’t let over systems control your online business and how well you are doing.

On the other hand, your email list is here and it will always be yours no matter what. Nobody can suddenly decide to change the algorithm or decide to charge you higher prices. You have an instant and direct connection with your list, potential clients and you don’t have to worry if they got your message or not, because you are sending it directly to them. This uninterrupted communication is priceless and that’s why you need an email list.

Email marketing

How an email list impact your business?

1. Remind potential clients about yourself

There is a quite small chance that potential clients are going to visit your website once and then remember you specifically a few months later when they need this type of service. When did it happen to you? Not so often, right? You can get lucky and show up first in their search engine, but it will take time to be number one. If you gave them a good reason when they visited your website for the first time to join your email list, and you got in touch with them weekly, or monthly, how much do you think you increased your chances of being remembered when they do need a similar service as you offer? I believe chances are in your advantage.

2. Builds Trust and Recognition

When you are continually offering valuable information via your newsletter to your list, you are building their trust and confidence in you, you show them that you know what you are doing and you are an expert of your field. When people understand those things then it takes away any doubt your clients may have before making a purchase. Also, it allows you to charge a bit more for your services or products. They have to know who you are and feel like they can count on what you are offering. Try to imagine what that can do for your conversion rates.

 3. Get to know what your clients really want

What is the best way to understand what type of product or services your clients need and want? Oh, you can just ask them, it is that simple. Having a list of loyal clients or potential buyers allows you to really understand what they need. They probably will be thrilled that you are showing that you care and you ask them directly. How can they resist buying products that were literally built specifically for them?

4. Identifies your time wasters

If you offer 3-5 different options in freebies on your website which creates your email list. You can analyze to see what is most attractive to your clients. Maybe one of your freebies collects 70% of your email sign-ups. Maybe a simple checklist or an eBook email list prefers more. If your clients prefer worksheets, you can avoid spending hours on developing other types of content.

5. Increase profits with Sales Funnels

A lot of people think of Sales Funnels as the only ideal for product-based businesses but that’s not entirely true. Firstly, let’s understand what a sales funnel really is. Potential clients are very unlikely to give you their money the first time they hear of you or they land on your website. That’s where a Sales Funnel comes in. It takes “cold clients” or leads that find your website, blog posts, etc.. and sets them on a right path to building trust in your business and your offerings.

This diagram of a sales funnel is really simple:

sales funnel diagram

  • You provide your clients with the opportunity to get free valuable content for joining your email list.
  • You continue to give them useful free of charge content.
  • You introduce your services or products which they can buy. You have offered quite a lot of free and useful content that helped to build some trust and confidence in what you are doing and offer.
  • You convert that lead to a sale.

This flow can’t happen without having your email list.

In case you are wondering which email provider I chose, It’s Mailerlite! I tried so many email providers before and I can’t be happier with Mailerlite. Some advantages of it:

  • 1 – 1000 subscribers you can use Mailerlite for free
  • You can send 12 000 emails per month for free
  • Easy to use, Just drag and drop content
  • So many designs to choose
  • A useful analysis of your newsletters, how many people read your email and what they click
  • It saves time because it has email automation
  • You can customize your own pop-ups
  • 24/7 support

I highly recommend you just to sign up and try it, it is free to sign up and the system is so user-friendly that you will instantly know what to do, check it here.

I hope I gave you some good insight on to why do you need an email list and how it can definitely make an impact on business.



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