28 Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Florence is an amazing city in the north of Italy full of rich culture, history, and tasty food. This is the city which you definitely need to visit at least once in your lifetime so don’t stop and buy a ticket to Florence immediately. Check my list of 28 things to do in Florence, Italy.

Things to do in Florence Italy

1. Enjoy the beauty of architecture in Basilica di Santa Trinita, (free entrance), check the map

Florence Italy basilica
In this Basilica, you can notice the architecture style of Medieval ages, Gothic and Renaissance

2. Wander in The Palazzo Pitti museums and admire the beauty of the building, check the tickets

Pitti palace in Florence, Italy
Pitti Palace or Medici palace in Florence, Italy

3. Take a walking tour to have a deeper knowledge of the Italian banking family and political dynasty – Medici (if you love Game of Thrones then you will love the history of Medici), Check the possible tours here.

Tour in Florence
Walking tour in Florence, Italy

4. Climb the Dome of Florence cathedral and enjoy the Florence panoramic view.

Climb the dome in Florence, Italy
Dome, the panoramic view of the city

5. Watch a sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo,  check the map

Florence, Italy panoramic view
Florence, Italy panoramic view

6. Relax in Giardino di Boboli, check the map

Garden bomboli in Florence
Relax in the garden

7. Stroll around small Italian streets to find magical places on your own.

Small Italian streets
Small Italian streets

8. Listen to street musicians.

Street musician in Italy
Street musician

9. Explore local artists like Alessandro Dari.

Alessandro Dari museum, Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy artists

 10. Explore unexpected street art. 

Street art in Florence, Italy
Unexpected street art

11. Rub a nose of hog statue to come back to Florence one day. Fontana Del Porcellino, check the map

Statue in Florence, Italy
Hog statues for good luck

12. Take a look to the first and oldest bridge in the city – Ponte Vecchio, check the map

The oldest Florence bridge

13. Enjoy the beauty of Michelangelo David, check the tickets here. 

Michelangelo David sculpture in Florence, Italy
Michelangelo’s David sculpture

14. Explore statues in Piazza Della Signoria, check the map

Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy
Statues in Piazza Della Signoria

15. Enjoy the magnificent Piazza del Duomo, Florence cathedral, check tickets here.

Enjoy Florence, Italy cathedral
Florence Cathedral

16. Take an authentic Tuscany cooking class.

Authentic cooking class
Pasta cooking class

17. Try Italian Aperitivo

Florence steak, italian food
Florence steak meal

18. Taste Italian pasta, find what type of pasta is your favorite, check Italian recipes

Italian authentic pasta
Italian pasta

19. Enjoy, true Italian taste gelato, check the recipe

italian ice cream
Italian ice cream – gelato

20. Taste Italian regional wine.

Italian wine to try
Taste Italian wine

21. Taste Italian pastry, check recipe of Cannoli

Italian pastry
Traditional south of Italy dessert – Cannoli

22. Learn about Florentine stone mosaic techniques.

Florentian stone painting
Stone paintings

23. Enjoy art history of the Renaissance in Uffizi Gallery, check the tickets

Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy
Uffizi gallery


24. Enter Palazzo Vecchio, check the tickets. 

Palazzo Vecchio Florence, Italy
Museums and galleries in Florence, Italy

25. Taste regional cured meat dish, read more about Italian recipes

Italian cured meat
Regional cured meat

26. Try Italian Lasagna, check the recipe

Italian lasagna
Italian lasagna

27. Try a true Italian cappuccino

Italian cappuccino
Italian coffee with trying

28. Enjoy church of Santa Maria Novella, check the map

Church of Santa Maria Florence, Italy
Enjoy churches of Florence

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Travel to Florence, Italy
Travel to Florence, Italy

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  1. Great list of things to see and do! Can’t go wrong with Gelato. Also love the idea of a cooking class. Think it would be fun to learn a little about the culture there through food!

    1. Thank you so much that’s really nice to hear 🙂 Most of my travel to Italy is eating and cooking it’s the most important thing here 🙂

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