How to Make Your Blog Posts More Readable?

Have you noticed that we read texts different nowadays? How many of you read the beginning of the email or article, then the ending and then maybe the middle of it? Yesterday, I was in a museum where the texts of the exhibits were super difficult to read because they just printed plain text on metal platforms and I thought how some people don’t know how to put information so it would be more readable. The same works with websites, if we add plain and boring looking texts on our website then expect to get bad traffic results.

These are several tips on how to make your articles, blog posts, website texts more readable for search engines and your customers.

How to make your texts more readable?

Easy to read posts

Have you ever heard the phrase formatting content for the website? To increase the traffic to a website you should optimize your content so it would be more readable to search engine crawlers, as a result, it will appear better at organic rankings. If you wonder how to start a blog or you already have a business website for quite some time then just remember:

More people reading your content + lower bounce rate = higher rankings

So how should you increase posts readability?

  • Shorter paragraphs. Generally, your paragraph should have around 3 – 4 sentences. If necessary you can even make one sentence paragraph, but use it rarely otherwise it will look like a bullet-pointed blog, but without bullet points. Balance is the key. Paragraphs are groups of sentences which are related to one another that support one main idea. If you split the paragraph into individual lines then it could make hard to understand the overall point.
  • Mix sentences length. Longer sentences are harder to follow on phone screen or computer, but it could work nicely when they are used sparingly, especially when they are used with mixed or short sentences.


  • Sub-headers: the average person’s reading time of online content is only 37 seconds, you can increase that time for sure by using subheadings to make the article scanning easier. Use informative and clear sub headers along with callout points which are emphasized in bold.
  • Bullet points: it just makes everything super easier to read, especially if you have a listing of facts, stats, ideas, examples which are packed into one paragraph.
  • Images and white spaces. A website full of plain text without any formatting can feel overwhelming, to read the huge text without knowing the idea of it is quite tricky. Prevent your website visitors from leaving your page just by giving good quality texts, add also some images about the text, supporting media, videos, graphs if you want to.
  • Quality content. Quality is the key here, all the points and strategies don’t work if you create bad content. Make insightful and content which bring value to a person and trust me you will get traffic if you follow some rules as well.
text formating
Text formatting for blog

Bucket brigade to keep interested 

A “bucket brigade” was a people chain who pass buckets of water to extinguish a fire. Now it is a copywriting technique which is designed to capture a reader’s attention and keep them reading the rest of the page, which reduce your website’s bounce rate.  Basically, it is using specific trigger words or phrases, and then ending the sentence with a colon to keep the interest.

Use this in the practice? Here are some of the bucket brigades which you can add throughout your content:

  1.  You might be wondering:
  2. The answer is:
  3. You’re probably thinking:
  4. Here’s the deal:
  5. It gets better:

Inverted Pyramid Style

This method means that you give the most valuable information about the topic at the top of the blog post and following up with less important info, It makes sense to give people what they are searching for because not everybody is scrolling to the bottom every website.

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Make no mistakes

When you write many texts during your day it is normal to do human mistakes and to miss a letter, a break, use a different tense in a sentence, especially if the language in which you write texts is not your native language. The solution is Grammarly I just fall in love with this tool immediately. Grammarly detects grammar, punctuation, spelling style mistakes in your texts, offer synonyms which would improve your writing. You can easily download a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and check your texts of everything online like emails, Facebook posts, blog posts, messages or you can submit your documents on Grammarly website. Additionally, you can check plagiarism of your writing which is useful for our fellow students for sure.

Try Grammarly for free today:

Analyze and improve the design of the current page

There are many tools which help you understand the usage of your website. As you probably know the saying customer’s road, where he goes when he enters your website and what he is doing there. It tough to notice where are the problems of your website so using those tools really make sense.

Optimizely. the leading experimentation platform, which specializes in A/B testing. A data-driven way to test websites for maximum usability and engagement. The user gets multiple versions of web pages which are randomly shown, compared against an existing website, and then analyzed for effect. You can notice from the results what a small difference can be made as moving the “buy” button or changing the color to increase more sales.

Optimizely tool
Optimizely tool


Google Optimize by Google Analytics also helps marketers to maximize customer engagement and of course conversion. Google’s Optimize is a user-friendly software that manages to simplify A/B testing and include advanced modeling which improves engagement.

google optimizer tool
Google optimizer tool

User Testing. As they say “capture the critical human insights you need to confidently deliver what customers want and expect”. User Testing is a research tool which gathers commentary from target audiences and offers marketers detailed videos of user behavior and interaction.

user testing tool
User testing tool

ClickFlow. Through this tool, you can automatically see which web pages on their website have the most potential to grow revenues. This tool show you how much revenue you have gained and how much you can gain if you make small changes.

clickflow tool
click flow tool

If you have problems optimizing your texts, check Fiverr for SEO professionals:

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