How to stay fit while traveling?

Recently I moved to Italy for 4 months and here food is everything. I love what my walking guide said “Bolognese people are talking only about food, what they ate for lunch, what they’ll eat for dinner or argue about the recipe” and that’s definitely true. A lot of people told me that I will gain weight in Italy because carbs here are almost everywhere, but after a month I already lost weight and I feel amazing. I just came back from a food fair where I ate as much gelato as I possibly could so I thought that’s the best time to share tips which I personally tried how to stay fit while traveling. Also, these tips are already scientifically proved, I also try intermittent fasting, but it’s not yet proved that it’s a healthy option to maintain your health so I can’t really recommend it.

Tips how to stay fit while traveling

Drink water

I know this tip is boring, but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t drink enough water daily. Although, water helps us to digest, clear skin, maintain the balance of body fluids and many other advantages of it.

Italian lemonade, Italian food
Italian lemonade

Don’t drink your calories

it’s not worth it. Drink natural water, without any additives or sugar or black coffee, tea. You will feel more satisfaction eating a steak than drinking super sweet coffee drink which not only doesn’t have anything useful for your body but also you won’t feel full from it. Additionally, a lot of people think juice is a healthy drink, well, no it’s not it has a lot of sugar. It’s way better to eat fruit because it has lots of fiber than to drink the juice of the same fruit.

Choose more natural and simple meals

It’s way better to choose products which have fewer ingredients and those which ingredients you can understand. For me now it is the best feeling eating tasty and natural food. Also, if you’ll go to a place, for example, an airport where you don’t know if you’ll find healthy options then pack your snacks.  Use as less additive sugar as possible and also, if you can choose more vegetables than fruits, do that.

italian croissant, Italian food
Italian croissant


Apps help

I use two apps Endomondo and My Fitness Pal. I know that it will sound like a commercial, but when I tried 30 days Premium Endomondo plan and I started using the training plan feature it really motivated me to reach better results. Before a year I hated running, but now I actually wait when I’ll go for a run. Also, it’s a more interesting way to see the city, especially if you just traveled there. On My Fitness Pal, I check what kind of food I eat, if the food has a label I can scan it via the app. It’s great because I can control how much calories I use, how much fats, carbs or protein I consume. I don’t freak about it, but it helps me to understand how much food I really need. Before half a year I did a terrible mistake, I ate only healthy foods, but I couldn’t lose weight and surprise surprise I was eating too much. When I started weighing my food and counting calories I understood that if I’ll eat avocados, salmon or eggs without any control I won’t lose weight. By the way, those apps are connected so it’s easier to use.

italian cupcake, Italian food
Italian dessert

Find what motivates you

I bought a resistance band to train which takes not a lot of space in my bag, but it really helps me to do exercises, it motivates me, because I can feel the burn from these exercises. As I read some people buy jumping rope or new running shoes or smartwatch. There are so many shiny or not shiny things which you can buy and it will help you for a long time. I bought my resistance band for 3 Eur, but it’s totally more than worth the money.

italian ice cream
Italian ice cream

Contrast shower

It tones your body, helps to recover after training and improves your immunity system. How to take recovery and boosting shower? Firstly, start with a hot shower, then slowly turn water to cold and leave it for a minute, repeat it several types.

Make exercise the part of you

There are so many amazing hiking places where you can go for a walk or run. Enjoy sports, long walks and you won’t need to bother about it. There are so many fun activities which you can do like swimming in the lakes, yoga, volleyball, dance. It’s up to you, just don’t forget to experiment with that. When you start seeing the results it will get easier to enjoy.

Italian cake, Italian food
Italian desserts

Try to make 80% of your meals and lifestyle choices healthy and go crazy with other 20%. While traveling there are those “once in a lifetime” experiences that require you to go of your routine plan, but don’t condemn yourself for that.

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  1. crisshex88 says:

    Stay fit without giving up the pleasures of the table. With rigor and attention it is possible. Thanks for the tips!

  2. These are some simple and easily doable tips! Drinking lots of water is imperative during travel! Thanks for the tips.

  3. Wow! Loosing weight in Italy? I would never think that is possible! 🙂
    I know I should really try to drink more water, so these ideas are also useful when at home!

  4. kumamonjeng says:

    Italy is in my bucket list and recently I went to Spain, it is a foodie country too. It is full of tapas everywhere at a very cheap price. I do travel often and eating clean while on the road is the most challenging thing for me. In many cases when we see some local cuisine, it is really hard to resist as travel is about the experience, be it good or bad. However, one thing I totally agree with you is drinking water and not calorie water. It would help so much.

  5. These simple tips were a great reminder and exactly what I needed to hear! It is so important to not get carried away while traveling!

  6. I am always so tempted to try amazing treats and different cuisines when I travel. Because of that I work hard to drink a lot of water and work to walk to different places to burn calories. Love these tips as well!

  7. Thanks for the tips! I gain like 3kg every time I travel.

  8. CANDACE says:

    That is the hardest part ever!!! When I travel I like to try all sorts of food. I feel like its part of the experience and of knowing a new culture. It’s really hard to stay focused. Thanks for the tips.


  9. That’s a good idea to drink water. It always works so well to make you feel full and it’s free!

  10. Gladys R Nava says:

    Wow! That was amazing! Staying fit is very important if you are in home or in travel! And this post will help us! Thanks for sharing

  11. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I would love to go to Italy to enjoy all that fabulous food. I think if you eat more fresh food, than processed, you are less likely to pack on the pounds. At least that is what I hope. I also find the 80/20 rule to be the best for staying healthy but also enjoying your self.

  12. Rahul Yadav says:

    Some great tips for staying in shape while traveling, thank you!

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