2 Days Trip in Verona, Italy

Oh the Love city of Italy – Verona, a city of a tragic Romeo and Juliet love story…

What to do before going to Verona? To get more inspired and excited about this city? Watch a romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet”, which is about an American girl who finds an unanswered letter to Juliet and she decides to finally give that woman an answer, but more about it later.

The movie definitely represents the spirit of the city and shows the most beautiful places in the north of Italy. I hope you will enjoy Verona as much as I did. If you do not have your plane tickets yet then take a look at Kiwi offers.

Love city – Verona, Italy

Amphitheater Verona
Arena di Verona

Verona Arena amphitheater

The main square in Verona is Piazza Bra where you’ll find the famous amphitheater – Verona Arena. It offers seats for 30 000 people, which was the whole city when it was built in the first century. Nowadays, because of safety, the maximum attendance is 15,000 people.

Verona Italy Arena
Amphitheater in Verona Italy

It was used for gladiators and animals fights, but now on theater festivals here you can watch a high class plays. Actually, fun fact, at least fun for me, now this amphitheater is in the heart of the city, although when it was built it was outside the city because the whole district was filled with gambling houses and prostitution. Unfortunately, after a massive earthquake in 1117 the Verona Arena was demolished, except so-called “ala” (wing), one wall is still there.

summer verona
Things to do in Verona, Italy

Why do I like it? I love the old and modern art mixture, it’s so unique. From a Verona Arena, you can see a huge white, metal shooting star which looks astonishing. Buy tickets online before your trip.

Address: Piazza Bra, 1, Verona

Juliet’s House

This is the busiest place in the whole Verona, be ready to wait a little bit. Juliet is a character in a Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”, so it’s actually never existed. Although, the iconic Juliet’s balcony wants to visit millions of tourists every year. What do tourists do there?

Love of Verona, Romeo and Juliet
Juliet’s house, Juliet’s club

1. Touch the breast of Juliet’s sculpture for luck in love.
2. Take a picture in Juliet’s balcony
3. Write a letter and ask Juliet about you love problems
If you want to get an answer to your love letter you should put it in a red mailbox in Juliet’s house area, which is not so easy to find, just don’t forget to write your home address. I’ve got my letter after š months, read more about it here. The walls in Juliet’s house is covered with love letters, chewing gums and photos of lovers.

Juliets balcony
Juliets balcony

So who answers those love letters? Juliet’s club volunteers read letters and answer to all those who need help in love life. Do you like writing? You can become a volunteer in Juliet’s club, read more about the experience.

Address:  Via Cappello, 23, Verona

Via Mazzini – shopping street

I am so glad that I discovered this street when all the shops were already closed and don’t get me wrong I hate spending money on other things which are not traveling, but this street, all the shops, and lights put a spell on me. This is the main shopping street in Verona where I found L’occitane, Kiehl’s, Sephora, Lush all at the same place, talking about the clothing you can find here from fast fashion shops till high fashion shops. All the lights, boutique shops and gorgeous galleries on this street are worth seeing in Verona.

Address: Vicolo Giuseppe Mazzini, Verona 

Piazza Delle Erbe

Another beautiful Veronese square where you can explore the fountain of Madonna Verona which obviously is the protector of Verona. Also, on one building you can notice Greek gods Jupiter, Hercules, Mercury, Apollo, Venus. On one arch you’ll see a huge hanging bone, which is probably a whale’s bone because it was thought that bone’s powder has healing power and it was used in medicine.

Verona, Italy piazza
Verona, Italy

Address: Piazza Delle Erbe


castle in Verona, Italy
castle in Verona, Italy

It is the castle in the city center of Verona, the most important place in this castle is the bridge where you can see a city from a river’s perspective, it can be a bit crowded here, but in the middle of the bridge you can climb here a bit higher and the view will take your breath away.

Castle in Verona, Italy
Verona, Italy castle

Address: Castelvecchio Bridge

Torre dei Lamberti

Climb the tallest tower in Verona of 84 meters to see the panorama of this love city. The entrance costs 8eur and it has an elevator.

Address: Via Della Costa, 1,  Verona 

Travel on a budget

Lake Garda

The amazing lake Garda, where should I start. Mountains, beautiful, blue lake, birds, boats are something special and breathtaking, plan a trip around the lake Garda, you easily could spend the whole week only by exploring this area. Especially, see the sunset and how the lake colors the lake, the whole place becomes different at that time, it’s magical.

Lake Garda Verona, Italy
Travel to Lake Garda

I personally visited cities Garda and Lazise, but the most popular is Sirmione which has a beautiful castle. Better would be to visit it in a warmer season because I traveled there during January and it was windy and in my disappointment ferries were not working.

Lake Garda, Verona, Italy
Lake Garda

How to get there? Take a direct bus from the main bus station, it will take about an hour and the price is around 5 Euro.

Location: Lake Garda

Try an Italian cooking class

If you travel to Italy it’s a must to try a cooking class, you can understand more about the culture of Italy just by cooking their food. Also, it is the best souvenir which you can bring back home – a knowledge of how to cooking authentic Italian meals.  Check cooking class in Verona.

If cooking is not for you then try wine tour, but definitely learn about Italian food.

Authentic Italian meals
Authentic Italian meals

Where I would travel next time in Verona?

While I was planning my trip to Verona I found on Google maps this amazing church Madonna Della Corona at the edge of the hill, this was my main destination during this trip. Unfortunately, it’s not a season time and it’s a bit tricky to travel there with public transportation so this time I had to skip it. Although, I also found out about Monte Baldo mountain from which you can see the beautiful Lake Garda, so the next time I will grab a tent and a sleeping bag and make an epic hike.

Where to eat?

My free tour Bologna guide (unfortunately I can’t recommend her, because I really didn’t like the way she showed the city) showed a great pizza place, where the price is not too high, it’s not too far from the city center and you will fall in love with food from the first bite. It’s IL Leone da Ciro 1924
Their website: http://www.pizzaleone.it/ 
Address: Via Giovanni Zambelli, 20, Verona

Also, check my Italian recipes if you want to cook Italian at home


Where to stay?

I tried the hostel “The Hostel” and it was the best hostel I have tried so far. The staff spoke perfect English, everything was super clean and stylish, I really loved the design of this place it’s kinda funky minimalism. Somebody thought about all the small details like making an outlet for all the beds and a small lamp. I lived in a 6 beds girls room and there were two showers, which was totally enough for 6 people. Breakfast was included in 31 Eur price and it was also really good, a huge variety to choose from like a pie, peanut butter, jam sandwich, meat cake, cheese, ham, juice, coffee. So many options. I have stayed in way worse hotels than this hostel, highly recommend it.

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Tap water: you can drink tap water in Italy and there are many drinkable water fountains in the city so don’t forget your water bottle.

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    Cool article. I saw Letters to Juliet and I did wonder if people still left letters there. Did you leave one? 🙂

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        I’m really happy to hear that you loved Verona so much, it’s by far my favourite Italian city out of all the ones I’ve visited. I too wrote to Juliet and 6 months later, the reply I got changed my life. I agree as well, writing a letter rather than emailing one is a bit special especially when you get that wonderful reply. Don’t forget to mention that you can send letters from your home town to Juliet:


        That’s all you need to write and it gets there, I tried!

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