Abandoned Amusement Park in Elektrėnai, Lithuania

If you travel to Kaunas, Lithuania then make a stop or plan a trip to Elektrenai. You can easily rent a car with City bee in Lithuania for short trips like this which would be way easier than to go by bus.

elektrenai amusement park

How I found this place? I saw so many cool pictures of old roller coasters on Instagram from fashion artists and my acquaintances. I really wanted to go there too and one of the reason is that these places tell more about country’s history than books can ever tell. At first I was excited, but also confused, I thought that this place can be super creepy, I believe scary movies of children toys made an impact to that. Also, it’s not super illegal to go to these places, but you can get a fine. Despite the fact we still visited it and I was not disappointed.

Abandoned amusement park in Elektrėnai


At that time when I went to this abandoned amusement park it was impossible to find it on Google maps just by writing the name of this place, but as I checked recently it’s possible now. Although, if something happens and the navigation will be deleted then just know that it is near the lake, city’s yacht club. It is perfectly visible when you open Google earth view.

Check the map.


Is it safe? My experience

When we went to the gates of this abandoned amusement park the gates were wide opened and the only sign that was on these gates was “Attention angry dog”. Of course, there was no dogs and if the gates would be closed the fence is super low.

When you enter the territory there is a strange feeling. Several Soviet sights – swings, roller coaster, carousel, autodrome, and so on – stand quietly and calmly, forgotten by everybody. Some attractions look great – it seems that you just have to press the button on and they will go. Others – broken and sometimes it’s hard to understand what kind of roller coaster it was. You have a feeling like in an open-air museum in the late Soviet period – although there are no explanatory stands, guides and other specific attributes.


I was surprised that the place looked super clean, no alcohol bottles or any other trash or strange smell. Actually, it looked like a perfect date place. It was a bit funny how many couples we saw. Most of them just took coffee from a gas station and came here for a walk.


From the distance we heard a strange sound when we turned to the sound we saw how couple of guys were using swings, one of the few still-active attractions that do not need electricity. It didn’t look too safe, but we also saw people who were climbing super high on roller coasters to take a better picture. The main decoration of the park is an american roller coaster. It is decorated with the English word “Jet Star”, it looks that this sign is since the days of Independence. Somebody tried to add some American spirit in this park. The park has been active for more than two decades in the era of independence, but there are more Russian signs than English or Lithuanian.


What happened?

The Amusement Park was opened in 1986, and in 2013 was closed because it did not meet the technical requirements. Nothing scary as I thought at first. The Elektrėnai city is planning to get rid of this ghosts as I heard in 2020, but I’m not 100% sure that’s true. They are planning to adapt the area to the needs of the inhabitants, but so far the attractions are still standing.


I Highly recommend it

All the roller coasters are filled with the history, when you enter the gates you feel like you came back in time. Plan this trip today, because soon it will be too late.


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