Face Masks, Skincare Routine for Travellers

Every time I have a difficult day full of “first world problems” like today I didn’t pass my driving license then I wanted to ice skate, but the place was closed (actually for half a year now), then I went shopping and I wanted to buy stuff which I couldn’t afford. Also, I broke my phone two weeks ago and the repair shop does not understand the importance of my phone. Not a real problems, but still… super annoying.

All I want to do when I come back home is just to pamper myself with a face masks! Golden, strawberry shape, bubble gum smell, black, peeling, bubbling, fancy extract, unicorn dust all those face masks brightens a day super quickly. I hope you can relate to that.

Also, I am so lucky from all my family and most of my friends I always had the most problematic skin. It was always breaking, I had so many scars (well… I couldn’t keep my hands to myself), rashes and every nasty thing which can happen on your face. The worst thing is that I love healthy food and most of the time I choose healthy options and yes I am drinking my water. Still…. I have problematic skin and that’s it.

All those super nice masks helped me to treat my skin better. Of course, it was not a one time use, I have a face mask every week, before “my days” I have it two times. Sometimes I use cleaning masks, sometimes super hydrating masks and sometimes I use energizing masks. I just see what my skin needs at that time and what kind of special masks do I want. Also, sometimes it works also as aromatherapy, if I feel for example anxious then I use a mask with a lavender extract to relax.

Oh and yes I am that weirdo who likes to put a face mask during my flight or a long bus ride. My skin feels so dryyyyyyyy after a long traveling and usually, I can’t even wait until I go to my hotel.

What I want to say is that I tried a lot of those cute masks and I will definitely try more in the future. I thought it would be fun to rate some of those masks and I hope it will be helpful for you too if you want to try something new. Every mask which I share I will leave a link where you can buy it if you want to.


Skincare after traveling

Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask

Is it fun? Not really, it’s just a black face mask and that’s it, but it does the work perfectly. After the mask skin feels clean and super hydrated. This face mask helps to minimize the look of pores and it is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. Just not too exciting. Find it on Amazon

garnier Charcoal face mask
Garnier Charcoal face mask

Garnier SkinActive Moisture bomb

First of all read the instructions, because I all messed this up. You have to put the white side to your face and peel the blue side, I did the opposite at first. What I didn’t like about this mask is that it didn’t fit my face, the nose hole is too small, on my cheeks, the mask was too big, it didn’t feel comfortable. Although, it does its job because it moisturized my face quite alright.  Find it on Amazon

Skincare routine
Garnier Moisture bomb face mask

Starskin Glowstar Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff

I love that it comes with a reusable foaming puff which I used so many times with other face masks too. This mask is suitable for all the skin types and the main work which it does is remove dead skin and unclog those nasty pores. Also the smell is super nice and energizing if I remember correctly it was a citrus smell. Find it on Amazon

best face mask
Starskin face mask

Slice mask sheet

Slice mask sheet recently took all over the Instagram, those sliced strawberries and flower blossom looks super cute on everybody. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of it. Firstly, most of the masks are refreshing and hydrating although sheets are too small to cover all your face so you just cover random places of your face. Secondly, I tried cucumber’s and tomato’s masks, cucumber’s mask was okay, but tomato’s oh boy…. The smell is like dog food, super strange. So if you need to freshen up your Instagram feed with a new cute photo then I recommend this mask, but if you want a good quality mask then this is not your mask. Find it on Amazon

Korean face mask
Korean face mask

Origins out of trouble face masks

When I had the worst acne this super mask helped me to be pretty again. It really calmed my breaking skin and the smell also is calming the nerves. This mask worked magically for me and I highly recommend it. Find it on Amazon

origins - Best face mask
Best face mask

Golden peeling face masks

Shine bright like a diamond! Who doesn’t want to sparkle like gold for a night? When I was a kid I loved to pour some glue on my hand and wait until it dries, then peeled it off my hand and the feeling was awesome. This mask reminds me of this childhood memory, although to peel it from my face is way more painful.  Find it on Amazon

Peel off face mask
Peel off the face mask

Bubbling face masks

The feeling is sooooooo strange! You feel all the time the bubbling and how the mask on your skin gets bigger and bigger.  Also, The look is not very presentable, so try it while you are alone at home. After the mask skin feels super clean and that all the bubbling unplugged your pores. Although, I tried it once and felt that it is only one-time experience and not for weekly usage. Find it on Amazon

Bubble face mask

Hair Sleeping Mask – Sephora masque Cheveux nuit coco

hair mask
Coconut hair mask

This mask is brilliant! It comes with hair cap which you put after you cover your hair with the mask and just go to sleep. Next morning wash your hair with shampoo and you are good to go. I usually use olive oil or coconut oil for my hair while sleeping, but I never thought about putting hair cap to keep my pillow from getting dirty and my face from getting greasy. I loved this hair mask, my hair was super dry before and it helped for sure. Totally, recommend it.


Charcol face mask, black face mask
Charcoal face masks, black face mask

Does it help?  Is it nice? Well, it’s so hard to say, it was soooo meh…. the good thing is that is sticks nicely, but is it doing anything it’s hard to say, I didn’t feel any effect at all. I can’t say that it’s bad, but definitely not my favorite.


Lips face mask
Lips face masks

The annoying thing is that this lip mask didn’t stick to my lips nicely it was not falling, but not sticking good too. The effect is a short time and the texture is very watery, I thought shea lip mask would be more like butter texture. I think it’s better to make a simple coconut oil mask by yourself than to use this one.


the best eye mask
Eye mask

So with this one, I found only one eye mask… I think it was a mistake, I searched the whole package, checked if it is not glued together, but no, I got only one. I also googled how other people use it just to check if I was the only one who got one eye mask and yes, there should be two. Although I like this one, it is super refreshing.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Face Mask (Algae – purifying & detoxifying)

sephora face mask
Face masks from Sephora

I am not a huge fan when you have to unfold your mask especially when it is so watery. Again the face mask was not sticking nicely, I couldn’t have it without air bubbles. Although it is nice and refreshing, the smell was also nice. My skin felt better after it.

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