Things to Do in New York City

The city of all the cities. It does not matter if you are more a nature person you are gonna love this city. I am truly much more of a nature person than of beautiful cities but this one took away my breath when I walked out of the bus station. It’s like I was standing by the exit for like 10-15 min and was shocked by the greatness of that city. It is so crowded, doesn’t matter where you go. So I just walked wherever my eyes were.

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View on the right and on the left by the exit of the bus station

Things to Do in New York City

Central Park

Yes, everyone knows what it is. And if you are in New York you are not gonna miss this astonishing nature creation in the middle of the city. Or I can say, a piece of what is left after human being destroyed the beautiful island it was a century ago.

Things to do in New Yoek city
Central Park in New York City

Oh my god, I thought. At first, the city shocked me, but now, that park… I was there a couple of years ago but I can still remember the feeling when I came here. That heartbeat when I came to that park. Amazing. If you like Hollywood movies, you could recognize lots of places there from the movies. One of them is Home Alone when the kid was lost in New York. Yes, there is also the hotel, in which he was staying. Are you an amateur photographer or a professional one, doesn’t matter, there are lots of places where you can get great shots. I need to mention, that you need to schedule your whole day for a walk in the central park. Yes, it’s that big. No need to mention how many things are there to visit or to see. Well, I guess you have to book at least 2 days for that park (perhaps). I managed to walk the only ¼ of that park because I did not realize how big it is and I scheduled just a couple of hours there… Oh, those regrets after that… but let’s keep going.

Things to Do in New York City
Central Park in New York City

If you want to have a good snack or lunch, brunch or whatever and do it in the famous place you probably want to go there. No, it is not a Central Perk Café (From the TV show “Friends”) – its not real, sad, but true. I was looking for it and, in my sorrow, they managed to open it for a couple of weeks that year for “Friends” anniversary, but I was already left. Shame. But, you can visit “The Plaza”. There are lots of places to buy snacks, to drink coffee or to have a good American dish and, of course, mark a check in your to-do-list.

 new york city center
Empire state building NYC

Time Square

Oh yes, the time square. Majestic Time square showed in lots of Hollywood movies. In my opinion, better visit this one when the sun is down and the nightlife started, because this city never sleeps. And because all the billboards light up the street and the square and the view is amazing. Also for a perfect shot. Nothing else to say about this place, you have to see it to understand the beauty of it.

Things to do in New York City
Time Square in New York City

Empire State Building

Holy guacamole, but the view. The view of all New York City. Of all that beauty it brings to your eyes. The city is like on the palm of your hand. It’s hard to decide whether it is worth to go up at night or a day, but I truly know that you must try to get up there before the sunset and try to be a witness of something extraordinary. But remember, there is a big line to go up there. You have to take an elevator to go up first floors, after that, you can walk up the stairs or either take another elevator. Because there is another line by the next elevator, we decided to walk up the stairs. At some point, I thought that we made a mistake, but we made it (if you are not ready, wait for the elevator). Remember when I told you how I felt after stepping outside from the bus station? Try to double, or quadruple that feeling you imagined. We also forgot to take pictures of the view because we were astonished by the view of that. I am not the “I’ll wait for the line for this” type of guy, and I was considering this one, but believe me. IT IS WORTH THE TIME TO STAND IN THE LINE.

Empire State building in New Yowk City
Empire State building in New York City

Liberty Island (aka Statue of Liberty)

Talking about standing in the line. This one is not worth it. Truly. If you think you need a shot of the statue, do it from the shore. You do not need to go to the island because you are not gonna make a great shot of statue standing by it (because of its size) unless you have a quite good wide-angle lens to take the whole woman named Liberty. There are two boats that are swimming to and from the island. If you want to get there before lunch, come here at 7-8 in the morning I guess (I told you, the line is big). If you want to take great shots of the statue, try to find a spot on the shore. It looks really good from there and you do not need to waste your time waiting because there are lots of things to do in the city.

Hop-on Hop-off

I like to mention myself when talking about my trips, but I think it is easier for readers to imagine how it is like, rather than reading just information on how everything works. It is no different in a city bus tour. I truly think that this kind of sightseeing is for old ones who can’t walk long distances, and it is really good for them. But… I had no much time there (as I mentioned before) so I took one. It’s cheap, you can get off whenever you want, or get on whenever you want (the tickets works for all day). These buses go all around the city. So we took it to go from Central Park to the docks Battery Park. It was a pretty good guide through the city, with audio available through headphones (they give you one, you don’t have to have your own). I can say that I liked that experience and I really recommend you to take one. There are lots of guys walking around famous spots and trying to sell you those tickets for the best price, but I guess you know how it works and first tries to find those ticket on the internet for a better price, and after that try to bargain with them about the price. They are gonna sell you cheaper. Either you can lie that one guy by the other spot offered you a lower price and you are gonna buy from him and walk away, after a minute they will catch you and will offer you an even lower price. I don’t know how it works for them, but it works for you if you want to save money.

Things to do in New York City
Things to do in New York City

Flat Iron building

The building where Spider-man works in. Daily Bugle. Some Sci-fi there. Yeah, I like MCU, we’ll talk about this later. I drove by the side of this building with Bus Tour. Interesting is that that to experience the real flatiron building it should be a windy day and you are gonna hear how the wind passes through the building. Quite interesting experience and interesting, simple physics, but interesting. It has a story behind all this, but I am not gonna tell you some google knowledge about it.

Flat building in New York City
Flat building in New York City

Every building has a story in New York City. Everything has a background story. Quite interesting one and this building is not an exception. Interesting? That is why you must hop-on the bus tour and hear it by yourself.

Things to do in New York City
Things to do in New York City

A Golden bull statue

If you think that you are gonna take a perfect photo there. You are wrong unless you will come here at night. It is very crowdy and you have to be a photoshop master or either knows the way how to erase all the people around the statue you will have no problem with it, but if you are an amateur photographer, you are gonna have a bad time there. So plan your time or just don’t go there.

A Golden Bull statue in New York city
A Golden Bull statue in New York City

New York City Museums

I am not gonna talk about the exact one, I will talk in general. There are a lot of museums and about almost everything from history to sci-fi, from art to whoever knows what is it. If you really want to visit one or another, book the tickets from the internet it will be easier for you and let you skip the lines sometimes. Why I mentioned MCU before? There is a lot of MCU places you must visit, but the true fan does not need any information for that they already know what and where is it and there is a lot. I mean A LOT. Well, because the Avengers was filmed here. Ok, enough of this. There is also plenty of art and history museums in this city. So, check them out.

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If you are looking where to stay in this city, note that living in the new your city will be expensive, you should consider living on the side of it (new jersey or New York). And go to the city by bus (not by a car to avoid expenses where to put that car). It is easy to travel on a bus from your hotel to the city center and back because this is 24 hours city and public transport works 24/7.

Museum of the city of new york
Museum of the city of New York

Writing this was like visiting the city all over again. After this trip, I made a promise to myself that one day I will come back here no matter what and I will give myself as much time as I need to be in this city. It is a truly unforgettable experience I’ve ever had. And the best city I’ve been till today.


It’s like I was standing by the exit for like 10-15 min and was shocked by the greatness of that city.

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Things to do in New York City
Things to do in New York City

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