Things to do and see in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is my hometown which I just admire. It fascinates me every time I come back from my traveling and makes me wonder why I even left. Have you seen the latest Vilnius advertising? It’s hilarious, even the name is “Vilnius is the G spot of Europe” because it is hard to find, but once you find it, it’s amazing! I totally agree with it.

Transportation from Vilnius airport

Firstly, if you have a flight to Vilnius airport my advice would be to take a train to the central station and from there you can reach any place way quicker and cheaper. The train cost about 70 cents and the trip is for 7 min, Taxi, Uber, Taxify would be something like 5-10 Eur and the trip would be 20 – 30 min. The numbers speak by themselves. Also, it is impossible to get lost, because it is the only one destination from Vilnius airport to the central station. Tickets.

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Things to do in Vilnius

Gediminas castle

Actually, it is not really a castle, but just a tower which is left from a castle, but it doesn’t really matter we still call it a castle. The beautiful panorama of Vilnius you can see from Gediminas castle or three crosses hill, although I prefer Gediminas castle because the view and the road are way nicer.

Gediminas castle Vilnius Lithuania
Gediminas castle

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For like 2 Eur you can get inside the museum of Gediminas castle. It is not something surprising, but you can get on the top of the castle and get a better view of the capital.

To enjoy Vilnius, Lithuania more try a walking tour around the city.

The view of Vilnius, Lithuania
The view of Vilnius, Lithuania

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Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius

It is one of the main streets of Vilnius in which usually the city’s events happen, for example, traditional celebrations or fairs.

Gediminas avenue in Vilnius
Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius

Cathedral square

Cathedral square Vilnius Lithuania
Cathedral square Vilnius

In Cathedral square search for a “Stebuklas” (“Miracle”) tile. Step on it, close your eyes, make a wish, spin three times and it will come true.

"Stebuklas" tile in Vilnius, Lithuania
“Stebuklas” tile in Vilnius, Lithuania

Pilies street (meaning: castle street)

This is the oldest street in Old Town of Vilnius which was the main road to the castle. Pilies Street name was mentioned as early as 1530. The street is known for its variety of architecture: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles can be found in this street.

Vilnius old town
Vilnius old town

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Literatu Street Project

It is the wall full of ceramic, metal, glass, wooden plaques installed in it. The wall is like a memorial to many famous writers: Sigitas Geda, Kazys Binkis, Janina Degutyte, Jonas Mekas, Maironis, Sigitas Parulskis, and many others. That’s way Literatu street name meaning is “authors” or “writers”.

Old Vilnius
Literatų gatvė, Vilnius

The Wall was introduced in 2009, new pieces of art are installed constantly. The condition for a new plaque is that a poet or writer needs to be related to the culture of Lithuania.

Republic of Užupis

When you cross the bridge over the Vilnia river then you enter the Republic of Uzupis, which declared itself a breakaway republic. Bohemian, an artistic free town which has its own president, money, flag, an army of 11 men and constitution which I find hilarious. These are my favorite rights:

  • 3. Everyone has the right to die, but this is not an obligation.
  • 6. Everyone has the right to love.
  • 7. Everyone has the right not to be loved, but not necessarily.
  • 13. A cat is not obliged to love its owner but must help in time of need.
  • 14. Sometimes everyone has the right to be unaware of their duties.
  • 15. Everyone has the right to be in doubt, but this is not an obligation.
  • 21. Everyone has the right to appreciate their unimportance.
  • 23. Everyone has the right to understand.
  • 24. Everyone has the right to understand nothing.
  • 34. Everyone has the right to be misunderstood.
  • 35. No one has the right to make another person guilty.
  • 36. Everyone has the right to be individual.
  • 37. Everyone has the right to have no rights.
  • 38. Everyone has the right to not to be afraid.
Republic of Uzupis, Vilnius Lithuania
Republic of Uzupis, Vilnius

You can find the constitution translated into several languages on the wall in Paupio street. Once you cross the bridge you will see parliament of Užupis (it is a bar and parliament) where you can get your passport stamped. Actually, freedom from the city of Vilnius is more artistic and a joke than a real breakaway, although it’s a place worth seeing.

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Anne’s church (Onos church)

I am not a huge fan of churches, in Lithuania, you can see hundreds of them, you can even make tours of churches. Although one church in Vilnius is really unique – Anne’s church. There is a famous legend that Napoleon Bonaparte was so fascinated by the beauty of this church that he wanted to take it to Paris in the palm of his hand. Why it is so interesting? The exterior and interior are dominated by the Gothic style, with some Baroque elements.

Vilnius Old town
Anne’s church in Vilnius

Bernardine Garden (Sereikiškių park)

A wonderful park in the middle of the city is a great place for a picnic, a cup of coffee or to rest after sightseeing.

Bernardinai park in Vilnius Lithuania
Bernardini park in Vilnius

Plan a trip to Vilnius, Lithuania

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Tap water: you can drink tap water in Lithuania so don’t forget your water bottle.

Transportation from Vilnius airport

Try a Lithuanian traditional food tasting 

city art
city art

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Things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania
Things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

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