The best travel apps

Travel apps are absolutely the best thing you can take on your travel. It will save you time, money and also find your travel buddies. I made my personal the most used travel apps which I truly believe that it will make your next trip easier.  


Pinterest is a great app and social media platform to find ideas about where to travel. It is a place where travel bloggers meet and give advises. You just need to type the city or country where you are heading to and you will get pins like: “the top visited places”, “the most instagrammable places”, “the best advise for traveling”, “the best cafes” and so on. If you have any question about the specific town then you will get the answer there. Especially, if you love to go to a new country without a specific plan or you just killing your time at a train station then it is a great platform for you.

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It is a social media app, but for my travels, I use to check the hashtags of the cities to check the most photographed places and to find ideas on what should I visit.


It is the best photo editing app. Your travel picks will be amazing! Edit, add filters and be ready to share.

VSCO app
VSCO app


Usually, when I am traveling I also work remotely which means that I need to find some nice, not too crowded, with free WiFi, good coffee, a cozy cafe near me where I could work. I’m kinda picky about it. Tripadvisor app shows all cafes at the town and how far it is, you can read reviews, view photos of other visitors, check the prices of the menu and so on. Although it is the reason why I use this app, you can also check their hotels, vacation rentals, flights, restaurants and things to do like museums, galleries and everything you can imagine.

Tripadvisor app
Tripadvisor app

Taxify or Uber

These apps are international transportation companies which are way cheaper than local taxi companies. Well, usually. I personally love more Taxify, but before traveling you, should check if their services work in that specific country. Also, it is safer than local taxi service, because you can see on the app the rating of the driver and also after your ride you can leave a review about your experience with this driver.

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Booking has a great hotel and hostel rooms reservation system. It is way easier to use Booking app than just to book a room on a hotel’s website. Also, the booking has the best rating system, after every room booking you have to rate your experience and write what you liked and disliked.

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Airbnb is an accommodation sharing app where you can find extraordinary apartments, rooms for your travel. It is cheaper than to live in a hotel and you have your own place, usually, you can find the whole apartment for a reasonable price. Additionally, you can live in a houseboat, a house in a tree, a space-themed apartment, just name it and you will find it on Airbnb.

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Another accommodation app, but this time it is more about meeting people. Here you can find locals who have an empty bed, sofa or even a room and they can let you crash at their place for a night or two. In exchange, you can bring a souvenir from your country or make dinner, breakfast for a host. The only minus and I am talking from my personal experience that with Couchsurfing have also a plan B where you are going to stay for a night because sometimes hosts just vanishes.


It is not only an app but also a card which made my life easier. On Revolution app, you can always keep track of your travel expenses, send money quicker to Revolution users, check the currency of the local money. Also, it has a new feature where you can save a specific amount of money every month, week or day for your travels.


For all my plane tickets I use Kiwi app because it finds the cheapest and fastest flights wherever I go. I love that it is easy to see the differences in price if you choose a different flight day.

Kiwi app
Kiwi app


It is a bus service in Europe which is both cheap and super comfortable. The app helps you to buy a ticket easier and you will have your ticket on the app.

Google maps

Well, you can’t travel without this app! Also, did you know that you can save your maps and use it offline? Yes, you can. Also, if you are super lost then put your earphones and listen to your directions while looking super confident where you are going.

Check my blog post about how to be safe while travel solo.

Google translate

Trust me you will need to translate something during your trip like signs, instructions and so on.

Travel apps are absolutely the best thing you can take on your travel.

Travel apps
The best travel apps

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  1. Tulsatrot says:

    What would you think about not traveling with any tech?

    The Kiwi app is new to me though. Always looking for resources to get me abroad.

    1. The idea of it scares me, because I guess I’m too used to it, but I think it is possible 🙂 Google maps is really helpful.
      Kiwi is amazing I alwayd use it

  2. Great post. I was actually looking for some good travel apps! Didn’t know about Revolut and Kiwi, I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

    1. Revolut works I think only in Europe, but yes Kiwi it was new for me too, but when I started to use it I was amazed 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the great info. I have heard of a few of these apps and even use some of them. Looking forward to trying out the others. Especially Kiwi! always looking for cheap flights!

    1. Kiwi actually is my favorite platform to buy tickets 🙂

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