Gift ideas for travellers

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I personally hate getting gifts which are not practical and which I know that after a while I will have to get rid of. I constantly travel and I have no storage where I can keep all cute, although useless gifts. I made a list of useful traveling gifts which every traveler would love to have. So you wouldn’t have trouble finding the perfect gift for your friend. Those are my gift ideas for people who are desperate for help. 

Useful gift ideas for travellers


1. Gregory Mountain Bag

Firstly, I know it is kinda pricey, although this bag is super durable. I mean it is a bag for a lifetime. Another good thing is that this bag is ergonomic which mean that no matter how heavy your bag is you will not have any problems with your back.

2. SD Card

Secondly, have you ever met a travel addict who has enough space for their photos? No me neither. SD Cards are always a good gift.

3. S’well marble water bottle

S’well water bottles are so gorgeous and durable. It is a good feeling to have cute and useful things sometimes. Travel photos with this bottle will look even better.

4. Travel adapter

Your friend has a Eurotrip? Oh boy… then I hope he/she is prepared for an outlet confusion. A travel adapter is a great gift for your friend because without power it would be a terrible journey.

5. Luggage locks

Luggage locks can sound a bit strange for a gift, but it is a useful thing and if you engrave something on it then it will become “the best gift ever”.

6.  Portable charger

portable charger

Next, the portable charger is so important when traveling because having a full battery of your cell phone is just being safe. Especially if you travel solo.

7.  Tripod

Also, it is not safe to ask a stranger to take a picture of you and also random people are not as good photographers as your friend might be.  A tripod for a traveler is a must.

8.  Sleeping bag

If your friend is a nature lover or he/she loves hitchhiking then warm sleeping bag can be a live saver.

9.  Flashlight

A flashlight or a headlight would always be useful for a traveler and nature lover. Also, it is a safety device if you have to walk on a dark road.

10.  Collapsible water bottle

Everybody loves things which save space for them. This collapsible bottle is a miracle how light it is.

11. Quick-dry towel

Additionally, the quick-dry towel is a great gift for both nature lover and travelers who love only city life. It is light, does not take too much space. What else do you need?

12. GoPro

GoPro is great for all the possibilities which it gives for you. You can film underwater, it is not scared of some motorbike crashes and the battery last really long.

13. Mobile phone lens

I know that nowadays cell phones have great cameras, although what about lens which create amazing lightning? What about lens which zooms so much that you can see every detail? The possibilities are endless!

14.  Camera Straps

Your friend does not like necklaces? But what about camera straps? It can also be cute like straps with stripes, dots, rainbow, stars and etc.

15.  Camera bag

I think it is time for your friend to change that old, black camera bag which everybody has and change to some unique beauty.

16. Polaroid camera

Oh, Polaroids… Those insta pictures always look good on your wall after an amazing holiday abroad.

17.  AeroPress coffee maker

If your friend can’t live without a good coffee machine coffee then Aeropress coffee machine is a survival kit for her/him. The coffee is amazing and it is easy to use.

18. Kindle

Who has space for an actual book these days? 600 pages Game of Thrones book would never fit in anybody’s bag. Kindle is a must for everybody who loves to read.

19. Passport cover

After traveling like 20 countries you would see how terrible your passport looks without a cover. This is agreat gift idea for somebody who travelers a lot. Also, you can put cards or cash in it also.

20. Earphones

Next, earphones are also a live saver when you have to fly on the same plane with a baby or you just tired of being a social butterfly.

Menstrual cup

If you have a great relationship with your friend then the menstrual cup is a great gift. I tried it half a year ago and my only thought was “why I didn’t use it before”. It does not take too much space, it is easy to change, environmentally friendly.



Warm gloves, bicycle gloves, gloves for hikes doesn’t matter if your friend loves to travel then your friend needs it.


Face Mask

OMG…. I love face masks when I travel! After flights face skin gets so dry and the feeling when you put them after a long day is mind-blowing.

face mask

Rain Coat

A good raincoat is a must for everybody!

rain coat


Then, sunglasses also is a thing which everybody needs, no matter is it a Summer or Winter.

ray ban sunglasses


Finally, a portable hammock is so amazing, if you don’t buy it as a gift then buy it for yourself.


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#travel #gift #giftideasfortravelers Gift ideas for travelers who love useful gifts which they can use during they travel around the world. It can be useful gift for her or useful gift for him. The perfect gift guide for travelers, if you have adventure seekers in your life then look no more!
#travel #gift #giftideasfortravelers Gift ideas for travelers who love useful gifts which they can use during they travel around the world. It can be a useful gift for her or a useful gift for him. The perfect gift guide for travelers, if you have adventure seekers in your life then look no more!

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37 Comments Add yours

  1. Great ideas! Does the collapsable water bottle give a plastic taste to the water? I’ve been searching for a bottle like this but I very much dislike the taste of water from many plastic water bottles.

    1. I can’t really say, because I am not so sensitive on the taste, but I guess no

  2. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Nice informative article

  3. Ee Sing says:

    Great ideas! going through this list, being a traveller myself, i think its perfect! I have never thought of some of them but would have made a great gift! Thanks for sharing these ideas out!

    1. I’m glad that you liked it 😉

  4. These are really great ideas to gift someone who loves to travel. I could never have thought about many of this to gift to someone. Thanks for this great list.

    1. I am happy that it was helpful 🙂

  5. Katie says:

    I’m sending this list out as my birthday/christmas list! Would use and love everything on here, have been lusting after an instax camera for a while now 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea I will also send it to my family on my birthday 😄

  6. Super ideas for travel! I really love a passport cover when I travel as I also gives me a place to stash my tickets!

    1. Yes the passport cover is really helpful 😊

  7. That GoPro, Polaroid, and earbuds are calling my name!! Perhaps I will reward myself with an early Christmas present hehe.

    1. I believe I will do the same 😀

  8. John Aiwone says:

    What a great and simple post this is – and a great list of ideas you’ve got down too. Got me reconsidering what to ask friends and family to get me for Xmas haha

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    1. Useful gifts are always the best 😁

  9. Navita says:

    Loved your posts and since we are travel lovers, I think I will pass this on to all our well wishers who give us gifts so they get ideas. Probably circle a few things which we need 🙂 Would love to get a Polaroid camera or AeroPress coffee maker.

    1. I just love Aeropress coffee maker it is a life saver 😀

  10. These are extremely useful gifts. Never knew that we also have mobile camera lenses…Glad I got to know something useful today through this post 😀

    1. There are a huge variety of cellphone lenses 😂

      1. Haha..never explored this possibilty 😀

  11. Chandni says:

    These are great ideas and I’m definitely saving them for gifting my fellow traveller friends! Thank you for the great post.

    1. I am glad that I could help 🙂

  12. says:

    What a great list of gift ideas! I got a tripod for my birthday and was over the moon! I need to save your list for upcoming Christmas ideas 🙂

    1. Tripod is the best when you travel solo 😉

  13. lifeoutside2by2 says:

    Definitely sharing this post with my friends! Maybe they’ll be kind enough to buy some of this awesome stuff 😂 good collection btw!

    1. Thanks, those things are the ones that I trully love😊

  14. Devyani Ray says:

    Loving the marble bottle! I am going to gift it to myself 🙂

    1. I think I will buy it for myself on Christmas 😁

  15. Create. Play. Travel. says:

    Great tips for choosing useful stuff and packing light. Camera, rain jacket and hammock are my top picks!

    1. I should include them 😁

  16. Alexander Popkov says:

    This travel adapter looks cool! I have several adapters for different countries, but all is one would be better.

    1. All in one is the best 😉

  17. Vaibhav says:

    I am a traveller and I am looking forward to receiving these gifts now.

    1. I hope you will receive them 😀

  18. Sigrid Says Blog says:

    I am a traveler and would love for somebody to gift me with a go pro! hahahah Seriously, these are really nice items. Would love to receive them, too.

    1. Gopro would be an amazing gift 😀

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