Top things to do Myanmar

Myanmar is one of the least-visited countries in Asia. However, for many travelers who once visited the country, it is also one of the most impressive destinations. From fascinating temples to untouched islands, from hidden cascading waterfalls to incredible Balloon rides, these are some of the most outstanding things you should do in Myanmar.

Things to do in Myanmar

Marvel at the Golden Rock

Known as one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in southern Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo is home to a holy rock that sits precariously on a boulder; It seems to defy gravity.

The legend said that it does not fall because the rock is perching on a Buddha’s hair.

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Fly over Bagan on a Balloon

The spectacular Bagan is famous for over 2,200 pagodas poking out the lush plantation of palm and bush forest. Visitors are offered chances to travel back to the past through various temples, decorated by fine mural art as a well amazing architect.

To appreciate the charm of Bagan, taking a balloon flight in the morning is probably the best way. It enables you to capture the panorama of the area when the sunrise cracks the mask over the pagoda’s spires. Undoubtedly, Balloon provides the best photogenic chances in Bagan.

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Hop on an Irrawaddy Cruise

Either you feel happy for a 3-day journey linking the ancient capitals of Burma kingdom or interested in a long adventure to uncover the far north of Bhamo, an Irrawaddy cruise is a distinctive experience you should soak up.

Along with luxurious cabin, swimming pool on board, passengers also can enjoy fascinating shore excursions. The cruise isn’t short of entertaining activities. There are puppet shows, cultural events at most of the place it anchors.

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Photograph Shwedagon

Amongst all the travel experiences in Yangon, visiting Shwedagon pagoda is something you should not miss. The pagoda is prominently visible from all parts of the city with its giant golden dome.

While local people come to Shwedagon to practice Buddhism, photographers will love to shoot not only the landscapes that it creates but also the story behind the statues that they can witness. The best time to capture Shwedagon is sunset.

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Adventure in Chin State

For those who want to do and see something different in Myanmar, Chin state is a place you should delve into. The area boasts verdant valleys, picturesque mountain ranges but above all, Chin state houses the unique hill tribe who had a tradition to tattoo their faces.

To see all the highlights of Chin state, you need to adventure through some unpaved roads, crossing the Ta Mat Taung national parks but all are very worthy.

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Paddling in Inle Lake

Inle is the second largest freshwater lake in the country. The iconic image of the lake comes from Inthar fishermen who navigate their wooden boat by only one leg. They also do a unique floating garden where tomatoes, vegetables are planted in the middle of the lake.

The lake culture of Inle also comes from its rotating market which changes the location every 5 days.

While ordinary tourists take part in a cruise tour to reveal all these lake’s character, paddling with a kayak is really a distinctive experience. You will be active for all the visits, seeing the local life in a closer way than just a glimpse on its surfaces.

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Swim in Lashio Cascading Waterfall

Tucked away on the remote part of legendary Burma Road, Lashio is still of tourism radar. The surrounding area of Lashio is full of natural wonders where you can embark a mountain bike ride, mingling with local for an intimate homestay or jump into the whitewashing water of some amazing waterfalls.

Among the three cascading waterfalls, the Hidden Tigers allows you to swim from one pool to another, sliding from shortfall of 1 meter to the one over 10m.

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