Summer holiday ideas in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of those cities which has a town-like appearance, but with all that buzz which matches any big capital in Europe. It is the city which keeps the balance between the bustle and chill. I had visited Copenhagen two times in a row for Summer season and it enriched my Summer vacation experience with the whole new colors. These are my main advice about what to do in the Summer season in Copenhagen.

Things to do in Copenhagen

Bikes in Copenhagen

Cycling in Copenhagen is the part of Danes culture. Nearly all citizens are using bikes as their everyday vehicle. They ride a bike to work, to the concert, to a family gathering or just to the supermarkets. There are special lanes and traffic lights designated for bikes and If you are biking during the “rush hour,” you will be among dozens of other bikers which is quite a sight. Also, even guys with suits ride a bike and as a shallow girl, I love it!
Moreover, I love the culture of conditions of bikes in Copenhagen. You do not need to have a brand new, city bicycle, you just ride what you have and nobody bats an eye. It doesn’t matter that your bike is making a strange sound or it is a bit rusty. With the weather conditions which Denmark has, it is hard to keep your bike tidy.
For my trip, I used Donkey Republic bikes because it was easy and cheap to use. I just needed to download an app and look in the map where is the nearest bike. Also, I loved how easy it was to lock and unlock my bike, I did it with my phone. Although I do not know what happens if my phone’s battery dies, I loved it.


For me, it looks that it is way cheaper to go to Copenhagen to the beach than to go to my home country and enjoy the beaches there. There are so many places by the sea where you can work on your tan and relax that it is not so commercialized and also not so crowded. I love beaches in Copenhagen because the sand is soft, the sea is cold and it is SO calm – everything that I need. Besides, it is also common to chill in the city center by the water just be prepared and have some sunscreen.

Beaches in Copenhagen
Beaches in Copenhagen

Jægersborg Dyrehave (Deer Park)

It is a deer park near Copenhagen! Isn’t it just amazing? Here deers are living free in huge groups and mainly you can just enjoy your bike rides by the forest or have a picnic and enjoy the view of deer families. The wild deers are habituated to people so they can come to you really close. That’s a pleasant experience.
Why those deer are there? It all started in 1669 when Danish King decided to fence some part of the park and let deer live freely, mostly for hunting reasons, although it is their home now.

Dyrehavsbakken (The oldest amusement park)

It is the oldest amusement park made entirely from wood. Moreover, it is in the same area as Dyrehave (Deer park) so you can spend the whole day there and visit two amazing objects. The entrance to the park is free and there are many attractions for the whole family like live music, pubs and roller coasters.

travel in Copenhagen
travel in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Garden
Tivoli Garden

I believe that every time when you travel to Copenhagen you just have to visit Tivoli gardens. It is a magical place where the fun happens. I have mixed feelings about Tivoli as an amusement park because I am both scared and excited, but the whole place is fascinating. It has such a various roller coaster,s so if you love those things it is the place for you, but if you more a person who likes to stay on the ground then the place offer a lot of cafes and restaurants. Additionally, the place is decorated depending on the season a Christmas wonderland for winter, a scary place for Autumn and a lively place for Spring. It is saying that Tivoli was an inspiration behind Walt Disney World.

Church of Our Savior

For a few Danish Krones you can climb to the top of the church and see the beauty of Copenhagen. Just be careful because you will have to climb through narrow archways and even climbing ladders. Also, when you’ll reach the top it will be windy so hold your phone while taking pictures.

Things to do in Copenhagen
Things to do in Copenhagen

Botanical Garden

Copenhagen travel ideas
Copenhagen travel ideas

Do not miss this amazing place which is near the city center. It has a huge variety of plants and in Summertime you can see it blooming. If you go there alone take a book because there are many identical looking benches where you can enjoy your time.


Well, that’s a proper place to eat. It is a place where you will find all types of meals. From Chinese to Italian, from Mexican to Indian. It is a gathering place to share a meal and to spend quality time with friends. As the organizers of this project call themselves it is an urban playground, a place where street food markets and entrepreneur hubs meet. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Chilling at Reffen
Chilling at Reffen

Copenhagen is a city with the character which you can only understand if you visit this city more than one time. I highly recommend to travel here for Summer or Autumn vacation, but about Autumn trip I will talk a bit later.

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Tap water: you can drink tap water in Italy and there are many drinkable water fountains in the city so don’t forget your water bottle.

Summer ideas in Copenhagen
Things to do in Copenhagen

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  1. missonthemove says:

    I have never been to Copenhagen but this is really useful. I particularly like the idea of exploring by bike. Fingers crossed I can visit soon

    1. Yes it is the best way to see the city and the culture by bike 🙂 everybody bikes there 🙂

  2. Alexander Popkov says:

    Loved Copenhagen. Haven’t stayed there for long, but want to come back to. I am from Finland and traveling there is so close. Wanna drop by again.

    1. It’s always like that 😀 you visit the countrys which are far away, but not your neighbors 😀

  3. The Lavish Nomad says:

    I have heard a lot about the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen and they sure do look good. All in all, Copenhagen seems like an amazing summer destination with so much to do.

    1. If you are planning to go to Copenhagen you should definitelly check the website of Tivoli Gardens 😉

  4. Blair villanueva says:

    I heard that Copenhagen is one of the happiest place on Earth and people are mostly kind. This traits makes me “sold” to visit Copenhagen soon.

    1. They look really happy there 😂 you should visit it 😜

  5. Timo Travels says:

    Going to Copenhagen tomorrow! Thank you for the tips. Will look at most of these 🙂

    1. I hope those tips were useful for you 😉

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