A Day In Eindhoven, Netherlands

To be honest, Eindhoven was not my first choice where I would like to go in The Netherlands, it was just a city where I had to spend a day before my trip to Amsterdam. Although, I tried to have as much fun there as possible and if you ever will be in my situation I hope you will do the same.

World War II had a huge influence to the city because parts of the city were destroyed by air raids. Since then, the city has take on modern architecture and now is known as the main point of Dutch industrial design.

The technology era in Eindhoven started in 1891, when a light bulb manufacturing “Philips” was founded here. During the early 20th century, the company grew exponentially in the city, and the population and importance of Eindhoven grew with it.

Things to do in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Shopping Malls

The first thing which you will see when you enter Eindhoven city center is the glass shopping malls, just keep a breath and admire for a moment the beauty of the city center. It is small, however still extraordinary.

Modern shopping malls in Eindhoven
Modern shopping malls

Coffee Lab

So the first thing I was searching in Eindhoven was a cup of coffee and a place where I could work and I found out about a place called Coffee Lab. There is amazing coffee, lovely staff and a stylish interior. What could be better? It is near the tourism center so I think it will be easy to find it.

Coffee Lab in Eindhoven
Coffee Lab

Philips museum

One of the most visited museums in Eindhoven is of course Philips museum, although my expectations were a bit bigger than the museums could offer. I thought that such an innovative city will have more interactive exhibitions, but if you are interested inventions then you need to check it out.

Also, check other museums in Eindhoven .

Flying Pins Monument

It is a huge sculpture near ba us station, actually near Flixbus stop, so if you also are planning to go to Amsterdam just go to the stop 15 minutes earlier and explore this huge sculpture created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.

ASchulpture in Eindhoven
Flying Pins

Enversed Virtual Reality Center

Unfortunately, I was too tired to try this place, but as a tourism center staff told me it is Europe’s largest virtual reality center. Isn’t that cool? If you have an opportunity to visit Enversed center, please share the experience with me.

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A day trip to Eindhoven
Things to do in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

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