Once in Malta

When I was going back with my taxi to the airport the only thought was bothering me “maybe I should miss my flight and just stay for a while in Malta”. This trip was magical for me and I loved every minute of it. In Malta I was visiting my friend who had to work the whole time I was there so most of the time I spend alone, although I didn’t feel this way, because I met so much nice people and the island brought me joy.

I will share with you my recommendations of what to see and what to do in Malta based on my experience.

Things to do in Malta


Fish market near Valletta

The Malta National Aquarium

It was a random decision to go there I was just going to Popeye Village, although I saw through my bus window an astonishing building of National aquarium and I guessed that an island should have a great variety of fish species and I was not disappointed. Accidentally, I bought a ticket with which I had a tour in laboratories and staff rooms and it was incredible!

I find out about Sharklab project which go to Maltese fish markets and search for mistakenly caught fertilized shark eggs.  In the past these eggs were thrown into the waste bins, although now they have a chance to survive. For 25€ you can adopt a shark!!!! Firstly, you will get an adoption pack, after 6 months they will send you your shark egg case and invite you to witness release of your shark. Isn’t it cool? Read more about it.

Comino Island, Blue Lagoon

I recommend you to take a boat to Comino island and enjoy a swim in breathtaking azure waters. See through water, exotic fish and sunny days the best combination and also do not forget jumping from cliffs to refreshing waters.


Comino and Gozo island

Paceville (St. Julian’s)

Paceville city is heavily populated with nightclubs, bars, restaurants and pubs and it is an important nightlife hub on the island. You enter the city and the party starts. All types of places and different kinds of music. I guarantee you will find a place which will suit your needs. However, be careful and don’t get too drunk because there are people who are taking advantage especially of drunk guys.

I was sitting at McDonald’s with my friend and we watched for an hour how one girl was working on the streets. When she saw a kinda drunk guy she went to him and strongly hugged him, while hugging that girl checked all his pockets and if a guy tried to push her away her friends came and started a conflict or even a fight. So don’t be alone and too drunk in Paceville, but have some fun for sure.

Gozo island

Go on a date

I had the most romantic date in Malta ever!

It was with Englishman who is a Royal Navy paramedic, his ship stopped in Malta for couple of days. Actually, Malta is a stop station for many ships and you can see how island is surrounded by boats and many cultures. Having a date during sunset on a seaside, watching how waves hit the shore and eating fresh oysters with white wine. It just felt idilical and kinda magical. Also, knowing that we will have only one day together and probably never see each other again also adds a special feeling. I like having this romantic memory from Malta and I also recommend you to have a date there. It doesn’t matter if you already have your second half or not (you will definitely meet somebody), I believe that to make there a romantic date is so easy because of the vibe which island gives you.

I hope your next destination will be Malta, I fell in love with this country only after 4 days and I know that I will come back for more.

Traveling to Malta
Ideas what to do in malta

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful place. I have wanted to visit for so long and never had the chance. If its a place to fall in love with I will see it sooner!


    1. Oh I love Malta 🙂 it is such a romantic place and trust me there are more guys in this island than girls and you will feel there like a princess 😁


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