My inspirations from Login 2018 conference

Today I decided to share with you one of the greatest and biggest innovation conferences in Lithuania Login 2018. This conference began 12 years ago with 100 bloggers and now it’s the main meeting event for people who want to create and start something new. For me it is a conference to learn, to be inspired  and to meet interesting people.

I want to share with you speakers who inspired me the most.

Fully prepared for the conference

Karolis Rimkus – Beaches, hammocks and anxiety: the work-life relationship on the road

What he did? Basically travelled around the world with his wife for 8 months and told his experience.

I loved this speaker I guess just because my aim is to work remotely and to travel as much as possible. I like that he didn’t sugar coated the whole experience. He made funny jokes about disasters in the journey like his computer battery stopped working and it was impossible to buy another in Asia or he had to work in the hotel toilet because there was the only outlet working. Well, that’s life what you will not see on the Instagram, but it is the true of digital nomading. It was useful because he made a list of the things which you should prepare before travelling and I guess I will use it in the future. Additionally, he shared the experience of working with People per hour or Upwork, dropshipping and working with clients while doing some small jobs for them.


Oobah Butler – How to get to number 1 on Tripadvisor

You didn’t hear about this guy? He’s amazing!!!

He manage to create FAKE restaurant and rank to number 1 on Tripadvisor in London. O. Butler is a journalist who started his career from writing Tripadvisor reviews about restaurants while working he saw what a fake system it is and he thought that everything is fake on Tripadvisor except the restaurant itself. So, he decided to fake the restaurant, for that he just needed to have a phone number and have a website with couple of photos. That’s it.

This was interesting not only listening about the crazy story, but also because speaker talked with such an energy. That’s how you have to live a life just making fun of everything and enjoying.

I loved the quote he said: “people believe more what they read on the internet than what reality is”. This story is incredible and the best storyteller is Oobah Butler himself. Watch this video and prepare for a great laugh.


Berta Tilmantaitė, Karolis Pilypas Liutkevičius – Do we tell stories or the stories tell us?

These guys are working at company Nanook – storytellers who produce professional multimedia documentary content and creative projects.

This company is a discovery for me, because they create events and communication for variety of people. They tell stories which others sometimes are afraid to hear and make it public like stories about people with disabilities or  people with different races. Some of their projects:

Will to win – in Paralympics participants are more fighting the disability and stereotypes that people with disability can’t fully live their life than competing with each other.

While the red is on – it is published stories about Russians who live in Lithuania because it was impossible to live in Russia for them. About a man who is homosexual or a man who was wrongly accused for a murder, mother who can’t find the truth why her daughter was killed. These people have stories to tell about propaganda in Russia and how it affected their life.

Follow this company because they have some interesting stories to share.

Some visualisations

The best of Login2018 is the location!

There were three main locations. First was Lithuanian national opera and ballet theatre there were two scenes, one was main stage of opera theater and the other was backstage of main stage. How cool is that?

Second location were Vilnius congress hall and the last were garage of congress hall. From fancy to garage. I loved it!

The only minus of it was parking, although organisers made an amazing solution. Every participant of Login2018 could travel to conference and from conference with Trafi which is similar services to uber or taxify.

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